Monday Confessions, Recipe Round up

This winter has had me inside cooking a ton. It has led me to some great recipes so I thought I would share a few hits here on the blog today. I have even crowd sourced recipes on Facebook and dinner ideas, so I thought I might share some too. I also am starting a bit of an eating change (let’s not call it a diet) for a bit to see if I can get my body to change and feel better. Many of you that have followed me know that I have wrestled with sleep issues for quite some time, so I’m hoping it might help with that as well. None of these are necessarily diet friendly but they are all family friendly!

Super easy Tortellini Soup: Delicious, easy and budget friendly ingredients, especially at Aldi.


Shauna Niequist’s Berry Crisp: This is delicious and clean eating if you’re on a plan. Can be a great breakfast with greek yogurt or a nice light dessert.


Ayesha Curry’s One Hour Bread: Bread intimidates me, yet this one was simple and delicious. It was actually simple enough that my 9-yr old daughter helped me make it!

Pioneer Woman’s Chicken Pot Pie: This is a yummy dinner crowd pleaser and even easier with left over rotisserie chicken and pre-made pie shells. It feels like you worked for hours for this hearty dinner but it’s easy as can be.

Paula Deen’s Shepherd’s Pie: This has been a winter favorite of our family for years. It’s especially easy when you have any left over mashed potatoes from another meal or ground beef you need to cook up.

Pot Roast Hand Pies: These are my 9yr old son’s absolute favorite. They’re meant to use up left over roast beef but I actually made them last week with left over taco meat and made it more like a little cheese burger. Again, if you have pre-made pie shells in the fridge, these are a breeze and kids like to help cut out the dough circles for each hand pie. I serve with a veggie on the side and wa-la!


Joanna Gaines Chocolate Chip Cookies; Self explanatory deliciousness! No diets here :)

Here’s to having a great week and let me know if you decide to try any of the recipes I shared!

Monday Confessions, 5 things to stop doing in order to produce more Joy!

I don’t know about you friends, but January usually finds me trying to slow down and take stock a bit about what’s important. It’s sometimes a forced change in pace. The winter weather keeps us in, the hustle of the holidays are over and things are just generally slower for me in business. I need this “reset” so badly but I also find myself resisting it. So, instead of resolutions of things I need to start, I’ve actually been thinking about some things that I know I need to stop doing in order to allow for more joy in my days!

Listen friends, I am taking this advice as much as I am giving it. I’ve been wrestling with chronic stress and insomnia (see also “Mommy Burnout” by Dr. Sheryl Ziegler) so these are things I need to stop as much as anyone to gain fresh joy and perspective in my life, as well as my health.

If you resonate with this blog post, I highly recommend both of these books! I enjoy both of their different writing styles but mostly their messages. They also both have excellent Instagram accounts (for when you’re not avoiding the internet :)

If you resonate with this blog post, I highly recommend both of these books! I enjoy both of their different writing styles but mostly their messages. They also both have excellent Instagram accounts (for when you’re not avoiding the internet :)

1. Stop over scheduling: This seems self explanatory but we all need to take a good look at our schedules, especially as we head into spring and a new season. Don’t try to jam in too many things for yourself or your family. Kids need margin too. They need free play and even, boredom. I know how much it causes me to get frazzled when I am rushing everyone around and nothing puts disappointment on a kids face like telling him he has to rush off somewhere instead of getting to play outside with friends/siblings.

“Busyness is a byproduct of our culture. It is the sacrifice we make for our religion of more, for our perfectionist tendencies, for our temptation to over schedule, over inform, overprovide.” - Erin Loechner, Chasing Slow

2. Stop Comparing: We all know the saying that “comparison is the thief of joy” and yet so many of us live constantly trying to see how we measure up. I think this affects each of us differently, but it can be everything from body image, to clothing style to our home or kids…It is any area of life that we find ourselves comparing and lacking. Don’t do this to yourself. If you find yourself comparing, take a step back and ask yourself why?

“There are two ways to get enough: one is to continue to accumulate more and more. The other is to desire less.” -G. K. Chesterton

3. Stop wasting too much time on internet: See above about the comparing issue….so much of this springs from our internet culture. We don’t all need to know what the housewife in Wisconsin is baking or decorating or wearing today. It’s not that all these things are bad things, but it’s just that it takes up time and mental space that you could devote to other things in your days. Set a timer if you need to or remove apps from your phone. A big help is turning off notifications so that you aren’t getting dinged constantly and beckoned to come look at your phone. I promise more days with less internet will bring your heart joy.

“Deep breath. Are we all inhaling intoxicating Pinterest fumes? An oxygenated reality? And if so, can we call it true inspiration? The definition of inspiration is the drawing of breath, an inhalation, a gasp. A filling-up that offers an abundance of energy for your day, for the task, for that project, for this life.”

- Erin Loechner, Chasing Slow

4. Stop acting like you don’t have power to change: I heard a podcast the other day talking about maintaining a family’s schedule and the interviewer said, “it feels more like the family schedule controls me than I control it.” I do understand this feeling for sure, but a question arose while I listened. Are we not in control of what we choose to fill our lives with? We truly do have the power to change things if they aren’t working for our lives or families. If nothing else, America is certainly the land of choice. We have options about schools, jobs, foods, etc. We can change things that aren’t working. Does that mean it’s easy? No, it most likely won’t be easy. I can revisit a lot of feelings from early last year when we contemplated moving…it was by FAR not easy and 2018 was the year that tried to kill me, but now sitting on the other side of that journey in our new home, I can see it was worth the huge change. This idea of the power to change can apply to all kinds of habits, from our health to our housework, so don’t be afraid and start small! One small change can lead to big differences over time.

5. Stop with the frantic: I know all these suggestions here are like a spiderweb that all connects at this point, which they do. This frantic part though, it’s not just a pace but the frantic part is a mind set. Frantic has you thinking, “when your mind has to work seven steps ahead instead of just being where you are, because this deadline’s coming, and the laundry has to get done before that trip, because you can’t forget to pack snowpants for school, and you need to beg for more time on this project. Again…Good things like efficiency and multi-tasking go off the rails so far that sometimes I find myself running in my own house, shuttling things from room to room like my life is a timed obstacle course. This is insane.” (excerpt from Shauna Niequist, Stop Hustling and Get Your Life Back).

I find myself getting like this all the time, worrying about everything from big decisions like education all the way down to what is for dinner. It’s not like we can escape a lot of these parts of life, but we can make room for more slow time and quiet. It’s the opposite of what culture teaches us constantly, which is to dominate, to hustle, and to succeed at all costs. Sometimes “success” needs to just being to slow down and play with our preschooler on the floor. Our souls need a lot more of that type of interaction than the constant hustle. As I am exploring my serious need for rest and a change of pace, this is not only a preference issue but an absolute necessity for me. I need to change out of the frantic if I am going to find health again.

I hope you hear my heart on this Monday morning, we are in it tougher. What are some things you need to STOP doing in order to create more joy in your days?

Monday Confessions, MLK Jr.

Life has brought us to mid-January and a day to reflect on Martin Luther King, Jr’s life and words. It’s interesting how his words always seem timely, no matter the situation. When a life is lived with character and dignity like his was, it has a much more last impact than so many of the flash-in-the-pan type people we see rise to notoriety today. I know that I have reflected on this before but years ago I went to the civil rights museum in Memphis, TN (the site of the former Lorraine Motel when MLK Jr was shot). Visiting there was such a powerful experience and will stay with me. It made me examine my own heart and think of all the ways I can tend to think about people just because we are different. I think also as a young white female in America, it made me face some truths I didn’t like.

I confess, I had never read MLK Jr.’s speech on Washington in it’s entirety until this morning (or if I had, I had forgotten, or quite possibly in the naiveté of my youth, I didn’t understand it’s profoundness.) So many of his urges for change are still quite relevant and necessary in 2019. It had me thinking also of the current work of Bryan Stevenson, lawyer, advocate and author of Just Mercy. As I had the privilege of sitting in a room to hear Stevenson speak last year, it was not only powerful but personal. He urged us all in the room to get proximate to these issues, issues that make so many of uncomfortable or issues we tend to just try to ignore. Proximity to real struggles forces us to deal with them. We can no longer claim ignorance to the injustices going on around us. If you haven’t yet read his book, run don’t walk to the library or to Amazon to get it. EVERY American should be reading this book, in my opinion.

So what can you do today in honor of MLK, Jr? Ask yourself, was there a time when I didn’t speak up and should have? Are there ways I have allowed thoughts or feelings based not on truth of us all being God’s children, but allowed thoughts of prejudice? What are ways I can move towards others who are different than me? How can we contribute to the movement towards a more equitable America for all?

“‘I have a dream that one day this nation will rise up, live out the true meaning of its creed: "We hold truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal.’” ~Martin Luther King, Jr.


Monday Confessions, 2019

Maybe you were like me and were waking up to the first Monday of 2019 with calendars and to-do’s swimming in your head or maybe you too just need the reminder of the sunrise. I was letting the thoughts swirl and then I looked out my window to see this sunrise. It’s a reminder to me that a fresh day is dawning, full of new mercies.

“Anxiety is an expensive habit. Of course, it might be worth the cost if it worked. But it doesn’t. Our frets are futile. Worry has never brightened a day, solved a problem, or cured a disease. God leads us. God will do the right thing at the right time. And what a difference that makes.” ~Max Lucado


So as we have new beginnings for the year and for the day, just remember the creator of it all is here with us. We can set goals or make changes, but he’s meeting us with grace all along the way.

D Family Fall Session, Odessa, DE

We are 3 days into 2019, which means I can start sharing some more of the family fall sessions I had without ruining any Christmas or New Year’s cards! Lets be honest, with the hustle of December, I also wasn’t exactly allowing myself enough office time to stay on top of the blog. I have learned to accept my limitations, especially in certain seasons. So although I haven’t been (or rarely am) on top of my blog game, I’ve been trying to savor the season a little by reading good books, snuggling up to my kids, not rushing, indulging still in a few too many treats and reminding myself that life is meant to be lived, not merely survived.

As the season would also have it, I find myself contemplating habits and plans for the year that lies ahead. This quote struck me this morning, “We are always falling in love or quarreling, looking for jobs or fearing to lose them, getting ill and recovering, following public affairs. If we let ourselves, we shall always be waiting for some distraction or other to end before we can really get down to our work. The only people who achieve much are those who want knowledge so badly that they seek it while the conditions are still unfavorable. Favorable conditions never come.” ― C.S. Lewis, The Weight of Glory So here’s the plugging away, even if more favorable conditions don’t come! Happy New Year and enjoy the images of this beautiful family!


Monday Confessions, a few favorite things

December is in full swing and it got me thinking about a few of my favorite things I’ve been loving lately. I thought this is the perfect spot to share, not necessarily as a gift inspiration but maybe as some ideas of things that might encourage you in this hectic but sweet season.

Here’s what I am loving…

  1. Our new home. It has started taking shape as a place that we not only live our daily lives but we are starting to make memories. It’s been a CRAZY year for us in 2018 with making the decision to move, but finally being in our new home and settling in for the holiday season has been sweet.

  2. Come Let us Adore Him devotional from Paul David Tripp. This book has a reading for each day of the month, allowing us to focus on one aspect of the advent season. It also has a bible tie in and a central idea if you want to chat about it with your kids. I am first to be distracted by all the “to-do’s” of the season and daily life busyness, but this is helping me to remember the big picture of Jesus coming to earth in flesh.


3. Simple Addiction Leggings are amazing. If you are/were a Lularoe fan but no longer have a local rep, these are an amazing and affordable, very similar option. I love the plain black but I do have a fun holiday pair as well.

4. LIIFT 4 Workouts are also a new favorite. I am beginning week 3 of the plan this week and it has challenged me but is getting me back into a good routine. It’s 4 workouts each week and none of them are more than 40 minutes. It’s a combo of lifting and hiit, which is my favorite combo. (Remind me I said that when I get done this post and have to head to the basement for my workout!)

5. Dunkin Donuts coffee is always a favorite of mine and right now if you have the app, they’re doing a great fundraiser with a large hot coffee that’s only $1.49 for the customer, while Dunkin’ donates 50 cents for every coupon redeemed to regional food banks. SO basically it’s win, win. You’re getting a great and inexpensive cup of delicious hot coffee and helping your neighbors in need. “Help Roast Hunger!”

6. I recently got hooked on the show Nashville, I know that I am WAY late to the party. I had heard Kimberly Williams Paisley talking about it on a podcast (she played a character named Peggy in the show). I decided to check it out and got hooked right in! If you love country music with a side of drama, it’s a good show. And I mean who doesn’t love Connie Britton?! (Tammy Taylor for president!)

7. SO earlier this week I lamented on Facebook that I wasn’t excited about our elf returning this week BUT I have had a change of heart over this little guy. I was wisely reminded that our kids are growing up so fast and in fact the oldest two are on the verge of not believing so I am taking this little guy as my nightly reminder to savor the season with the kids. They excitedly wake up each day to see where he is or what he is up to!

Our elf “Jerome” hanging out in Macy’s stocking today

Our elf “Jerome” hanging out in Macy’s stocking today

8. Have you heard about Iceland's “Yule Book Flood” tradition on Christmas Eve? A holiday where you hop in bed to each chocolate and read books is totally a holiday tradition that I can get behind! What books are on your wish list or your gift list?!


I hope you have a wonderful week and December is giving you great reasons to be thankful. Share some of your recent favorites with me in the comments!

Family Fall Portraits, Newark, DE

But there is always a November space after the leaves have fallen when she felt it was almost indecent to intrude on the woods…for their glory terrestrial had departed and their glory celestial of spirit and purity and whiteness had not yet come upon them.” 
― L.M. Montgomery, Anne of Windy Poplars

We caught the very end of the fall colors and the beginning of the autumnal chill during these portraits last weekend. I can’t express as a photographer how truly sweet it to capture the same families over different seasons and especially if it’s someone who has long been a friend. Not to mention, seriously how cute are these kids and family? Happy Friday internet friends!


Monday Confessions, It's been a while

Hello dear friends, I know it has been a while. I wasn’t sure if any of you were even missing these weekly installments of things on my mind in between photo posts, but I have been assured that a few of you appreciate these posts! So I have decided it’s better to just hop back in than to keep skipping. The thing is, I can’t even describe the level of tired I am feeling this morning. It’s been months of moving, transition, changes, surviving and then moving again. My whole family is feeling the tired seeping into our bones. When we decided last April that we were going to put our house on the market, that started the wheels in motion to first the prep and eventual selling of our house. That led to having to move everything we owned into storage and living with family while we found and then waited on settlement for the home we are now in. Then of course that meant moving again on the heels of the holiday season.

I think the very hardest thing is that daily life doesn’t stop for you in the midst of huge changes like this. Kids need need 3 meals a day, clean clothes and a place to sleep at night. It’s hard to keep the juggle of daily life while finding the energy to try to do everything else well. It’s not an excuse, but certainly a reason that this blog has been a big neglected. I have been steadily working photography jobs but have been hit or miss with posting. In this constant sifting of priorities, I am sure that I mess it all up sometimes but as I remind my kids, “I am one person and I am doing the best I can.” I am thankful for this little corner of the internet where I can share my life and work! So without further ado…here’s what I confess today…

  1. I confess that I don’t like time change. Even with the autumn “adding” an hour, it basically has just made my 3 year old away at 5:15 every day and we are all over it. I think the time change has added to my general exhaustion.

  2. I have been awful at self care since we put our house on the market earlier this year. I am slowly getting back into better and consistent routines like workouts, reading, and sleep…sleep has been a hard one. I got a migraine on Saturday evening which I had felt coming because of the stress, lack of care for myself and lack of sleep. My body tells me when I need to take a step back from the stress and find ways to take care of myself.

  3. I just hoped in on a reading plan with She Reads Truth on thankfulness that started today and I am looking forward to leading up to Thanksgiving week. Trying to focus my heart and mind on the right things first in the day, can help the rest to get done.


4. I got some questions about my hair yesterday so I thought that I would post here. First, thank the fall weather for the humidity going away! Lower humidity makes a huge difference in my hair type. The other tools contributing to good hair days are Aussie 3 minute miracle, heat protectant spray and my Hot Tools 1.5” gold curling iron. Use heat spray before the blow dry and using the 3 min miracle every few days is helping the condition of my hair after summer and color processing. Use the curling iron to curl away from face in a few inch sections. My favorite hair tutorial blogger is Kate Bryan at Small Things Blog.


5. It’s Veterans Day, which should give us all pause to thank a veteran in our lives. I am thankful for those who have protected our freedoms and been committed to preserving the lives we enjoy.

Service is selflessness--the opposite of the lifestyle that we see so much of in America today. The things that entertain us don't often lift us up, or show us as the people we can rise up to become. The people who appear in this book--and others who did things I can't talk about--are my role models. They quietly live out the idea expressed in the Bible (John 15:13): "Greater love has no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends.” 
― Marcus Luttrell, Service: A Navy SEAL at War

Here’s to Monday confessions being back in the rotation! What are some things you’d like to hear from me? HeHave a great week!

Cassandra and Alex Engaged, Wilmington, DE

On a family trip to San Francisco and California wine country, Alex popped the question! Cassandra said yes and they’re excitedly planning a November 2019 wedding! Cass also just happens to be my younger cousin, so I couldn’t have been more honored when they asked me to capture their engagement photos. The drizzle started to fall and the clouds had rolled in before we started our session but thankfully the rain passed through and we made the most of the gorgeous Brandywine Valley views.

You can see the drizzle falling here but it didn’t dampen their love!

You can see the drizzle falling here but it didn’t dampen their love!


Monday Confessions, on Paris

This time last week I was somewhere over the Atlantic Ocean, contemplating all the previous 5 days had held, while preparing to return to my usual every day duties and family. I was both sad to say goodbye to Paris and at the same time, ready to come hug my family. It’s funny how even the most beautiful places in the world, if they don’t hold the people you love, they can lose their luster. I have to say though, the luster of Paris had not at all dimmed. Actually, I felt like I was just beginning to scratch the surface.

We had every day full to the brim of sights, adventures and tastes, but it still wasn’t enough to even cover all the ground that there is to cover in a city like Paris. If anything, it will give me reason to try to get back. I know in these days and times in the world, people can look down on travel. I think though that travel can expand our horizons, as well as giving us a break from the monotony of the places we go, the roads we drive, the views we see…and even the food we eat. It helps us to get outside of ourselves and try something new.

As a photographer, the views and sights were constant inspiration. From pretty flowered window boxes to perfectly crafted afternoon lattes, I never wanted for visual inspiration. It’s also impossible to be in a place like Paris and not feel all the history. Standing in Shakespeare and Company knowing that Ernest Hemingway (among others) would walk into that very spot to borrow books…it just gets to you. Nothing beats standing in front of the real thing of Van Gogh’s or Monet’s paintings that I had studied about. It was almost overwhelming to me the amount of art I got to take it and I only went to ONE art museum while I was there. I didn’t even get to step foot in the Louvre because lets face it, there’s 8 miles of indoor corridors full of art. I would never get to it all.

And then there’s the nameless art of all the churches and cathedrals. The artists hands were on every details of places like Notre Dame and San Chapelle, yet they remained individually nameless. I was talking with my parents about it, people today would never sign up to contribute to building something they wouldn’t see completed in their lifetime. A chapel that takes over 200 years and countless craftsmen is just as much a magnificent work of art as any famous painting.

I can’t even hardly sum up what it feels like to sit on the bed in the afternoon, with the open window, hearing violin music riding in on the breeze and viewing the side of Notre Dame. I could hear the church bells and the motorcycle rumbles in the street. I could hear the voices carry up to my window with French and sip the hot dark roast coffee each day. It’s kind of hard to compare that to my East coast suburban minivan mom life.

And yet, I know that this is where I am called right now. I am so thankful for the experience, the memories made with my parents and the opportunity to rekindle a little bit of my love for other cultures and places. I am thankful also to come home to a loving husband and children, ready to dive back into the car pools and homework. It’s the memory of Paris that will stick with me, reminding me that there is a big beautiful world out there and some day I might get to see some more of it. Right now, I will be content with my hot starbucks on the way to pick up my kids and just remember what it was like to sip a latte on a Paris street cafe.

“There is never any ending to Paris and the memory of each person who has lived in it differs from that of any other. We always returned to it no matter who we were or how it was changed or with what difficulties, or ease, it could be reached. Paris was always worth it and you received return for whatever you brought to it.” ― Ernest Hemingway, A Moveable Feast

Here’s a handful of images I pulled from my literal hundreds to share with you…

Notre Dame Cathedral

Notre Dame Cathedral

Notre Dame Cathedral

Notre Dame Cathedral

Notre Dame Cathedral

Notre Dame Cathedral

San Chapelle, Saints Chapel

San Chapelle, Saints Chapel

San Chapelle, Saints Chapel

San Chapelle, Saints Chapel

Our Street

Our Street

Notre Dame Cathedral exterior, from down on the Siene river

Notre Dame Cathedral exterior, from down on the Siene river

Siene river view

Siene river view

Eifel Tower view from the Siene

Eifel Tower view from the Siene

Night view including San Michele fountain

Night view including San Michele fountain

Notre Dame Cathedral at night

Notre Dame Cathedral at night

Early morning at Notre Dame

Early morning at Notre Dame

View from top of Notre Dame tower

View from top of Notre Dame tower

View from top of Notre Dame, the cathedral tower in right foreground

View from top of Notre Dame, the cathedral tower in right foreground

Sunset at Eifle Tower

Sunset at Eifle Tower

A delicious and fancy Laudree cream puff before I consumed it in its entirety!

A delicious and fancy Laudree cream puff before I consumed it in its entirety!

Professional Headshots, Middletown, DE

 So many of us are running businesses either from home or in offices that require us to have a visual presence on the internet. I think this is a great time in our history where we truly can be working from anywhere! It also can be a lot of pressure to feel like you need to upgrade those head shots or have a few professional shots to use in your social media outlets. I can assure you that we can accomplish this goal in 30 minutes with good lighting :) Reach out to me today if you're interested! 

Kim Simpson, Kim Simpson of Thyme Realestate Co in Middletown DE

Kim Simpson, Kim Simpson of Thyme Realestate Co in Middletown DE


Sweet Summer Evening


"May you grow up to be righteous

May you grow up to be true

May you always know the truth

And see the lights surrounding you

May you always be courageous

Stand upright and be strong

And may you stay forever young"

~Bob Dylan

Enjoy this sweet summer evening session of siblings that I shot this last week. I hope it brings a smile to your Monday!


Monday Confessions, Recent Reads

    Summer reading is something I have to try to convince my kids to do, but it's something I absolutely love to do! As a kid, I remember some summers we couldn't get back to the library fast enough for me to choose more books. I also remember though other summers, reluctantly following my mom through our local book story having to find the "required reading" books for each grade. I think maybe it's the difference between being told what to read and reading what you want to read?! I'm going to share a few recent reads here and maybe you'll find something that you want to check out! 



Emily Giffin, All We Ever Wanted

I think this was a timely novel and an easy, enjoyable read. It really made me think about the way kids are growing up these days with constant internet exposure, as well was the threat of being exposed in some type of vulnerable situation. This novel sparks conversations about integrity, privilege, and allegiances in the teenage years. I would definitely recommend this read! 


Frank McCourt, Angela's Ashes

 This memoir has won awards for good reason. It's written from the view point of Frank McCourt, starting in his very early years in a New York City apartment and spans through his young adulthood and return to New York City. The bulk of his growing up though, occurs in a small town in Ireland, during the depression and potato famine. This heartfelt tale of growing up, life and loss in a small Irish town will tug at your heart strings and make you laugh. The themes also included life as a devout catholic and having an alcoholic father. Although this read is a little dense (lots of words on a page), I found it easy to read and enjoyable, even though he's often describing hardship. If you have any Irish heritage at all, this is a must read! 


Rhys Bowen, Farleigh Field

 You know I love a good historical fiction based in WWII. I rarely grow weary of those, although I have read so many! This novel falls into that category and it was still enjoyable. I found myself rooting for the main characters as they unravel a mystery. I picked this up while we were away at the beach and it made for a quick, easy summer read for me. I would recommend this one! 


Garth Stein, Art of Racing in the Rain

 I dare you to read this one without tissues! It's written from the perspective of the family dog, as the family grows and inevitably changes. I found it tender, sad, heart wrenching and happy all at the same time! If you're a dog lover (or even if you aren not), you will enjoy this story of family life amidst hardship and hope. I definitely recommend! 


Emily Ley, A Simplified Life

 Approach this book as more of a "how to" and you'll be set up for success. I zipped through this as I read Emily Ley's suggestions for simplifying different areas of life. She encourages us to strip down the clutter, chaos, and complications we bring to every day tasks from our makeup routine to our house cleaning. There are definitely some tips I will be taking with me from this one! I would recommend if you are looking for some helpful tips as you head into a fall routine.


Laura Chapman, Sunburn

I picked up this beach mystery because it's opening scene played out on one of my favorite local beaches, Fenwick Island. The novel is also set in Delaware so I thought it would appeal to me. It had a lot of twists and turns, yet I struggled to enjoy it. I have to usually find characters that I find redeeming or want to root for, I didn't really feel this way with this novel and the ending was a big disappoint to me. I say skip this one. 


Kids Pic: Katherine Applegate, One and Only Ivan

This is a great story told from the perspective of an ape in captivity. I read it to the kids and they all loved it. It's broken into easy pages and chapters if you have young readers that want to try to read some with you. It was a great summer read with a hopeful ending, the kind I like with the kids involved! 


We are getting another new niece!

   This passed week we squeezed in a session before a rain storm with my brother and sister in law. They're expecting their first baby, a girl, within the next two weeks! We couldn't be more excited for another baby to snuggle and hold...then give right back :) Enjoy a few images from our summer evening session!


July Bride, Summer Delaware Wedding

When we met in the coffee shop in the middle of winter, and I just knew Jen would make a beautiful bride! Her bubbly and sweet personality is genuine, which was made apparent by all the wedding guests young and old who adore Jen! It was easy to see why she and David made a good match. I loved hearing their plans for a small wedding party with a simple, sweet church reception. We had no idea when we discussed their July wedding, that we would wake up to such a gorgeous day of weather after a heat wave! We were all so thankful for the mild weather, allowing us to capture outdoor portraits without feeling entirely melted. Here's just a small selection for you to enjoy from their wedding day! 


I am still booking for select 2018 wedding dates, with custom packages available for closer dates! Reach out to me today for pricing and availability,

Monday Confessions, Summer of Moving

    Good morning internet friends, how's the heat wave treating you on this second day of July? As I sit and write, we are temporarily moved in with family as we await moving into our new home later this summer.  I can truly say I understand why people put moving right up there with grieving. It's exhausting both mentally and physically. We have everything in storage and will have to move again once it's time to settle on the new house. I am currently mentally preparing to have to do it all again! BUT I cannot say enough that I am so thankful that we sold our previous home very quickly and everything went smoothly. I am also extremely thankful that we have family willing to let us stay for the summer!  

   June was a blur but we were very lucky to escape to North Carolina for the first week of the month before we had to do the big move so I thought I would share a few of those images with you this morning. It's a sweet time for me to try to slow down time and reflect over all that is changing and growing this summer. For those that have followed me for a longer time, my twins turned 9 on Friday! It's amazing how the time passes and yet I am trying to live in the moment even in all the transition. Have a great week and stay cool! 


Sweet Summertime! The K Family

"Summer afternoon—summer afternoon; to me those have always been the two most beautiful words in the English language."  

~Henry James

This sweet family session was a large multi-generation shoot over the weekend out in Maryland. The warm summer sun and slight breeze made it a perfect evening session. I just wanted to share a few this morning of these cute siblings! R was celebrating his 5th birthday on that day so it made it extra fun to capture him on his actual birthday with his family!

Holding his Grandpa's hand on his fifth birthday!

Holding his Grandpa's hand on his fifth birthday!

He's 5 today!

He's 5 today!

Giving his little sister a sweet hug!

Giving his little sister a sweet hug!

Holding mama's hand

Holding mama's hand

Don't you want to reach in and squeeze her?!

Don't you want to reach in and squeeze her?!

Love those tootsies!

Love those tootsies!


Hope you have a wonderful week! This is moving week for us so say a prayer for us! Not only is it crazy with camps, VBS and life in general, I think the heat index is over 100 degrees the next few days :)


Monday Confessions, Memorial Day Edition


      I confess that I have been otherwise so busy with prepping to sell our home and moving that I have neglected my blog. Today though, it's worth a few moments pause to think on those who have given all to defend our American freedoms. With all the division of views, thoughts and beliefs in our current U.S. political climate, we do well to remind ourselves of our common cause. At the end of the day, we are better to stick together and remember those who have given their lives for our rights. 

"Ladies and Gentlemen: I appear to say but a word. This extraordinary war in which we are engaged falls heavily upon all classes of people, but the most heavily upon the soldier. For it has been said, all that a man hath will he give for his life; and while all contribute of their substance the soldier puts his life at stake, and often yields it up in his country's cause. The highest merit, then is due to the soldier."
--Abraham Lincoln, March 18, 1864 Remarks at Sanitary Fair, Washington, D.C.

Monday Confessions, with Sadness

    It's with a heavy heart I share the news that Gianna passed from earth to heaven on Saturday night, surrounded by her family. I did not feel like this was coincidence as we all sat in church together yesterday morning crying and praying for her family. We were gathered as a church within hours of her passing. It's hard to explain, especially to all the kids who have been praying for her. She got her miracle and healing, but it just wasn't this side of heaven.

Oh what an ache her family will walk through in the days and weeks and years to come, noticing that empty seat at the table. So many would ask why would God allow this sweet little soul, a Chinese orphan with a literal broken heart, to come to know a forever family, only to be taken from them in such short years? I admit, I have wondered this myself. Her family has shown so much faith, even as they wrestled. They are now in mourning, yet it is not without hope. 

The Lord is close to the brokenhearted
    and saves those who are crushed in spirit. Psalm 34: 18

Gia's mom, Johanna, shared again today the long but beautiful story of Gia becoming a part of their family on her blog if you would like to read it. So it is with a heavenly perspective I will try to live out this week and be reminded that Gods ways are not our ways.

If you have been following the story and felt led to give to help with the extensive medical expenses, go here to do so.

Photo Cred: Gia's family 

Photo Cred: Gia's family