Allison and Nicholas, welcome to the world!

SO as many of you know, I have a set of boy/girl twins. It is almost their first birthday and I thought for sure that once I had twins, surely none of my other friends would have the same experience. I just thought that I had taken up the odds :) Turns out I was very wrong because my good friend Julie just had Allison and Nicholas last month! We have bonded over many things during our more than a decade friendship, including each others weddings and sharing air mattresses on many a mission trip :) Both being mommies to twins was not something we ever foresaw in our futures but now it's such a huge part of our identities. Julie, unlike me, was already a mommy to her sweet 3 year old Ella, so Allison and Nicholas joined their big sister Ella in the Bacon house! Here are some pics I got to grab this last week while I stopped by for a visit. Ella of course didn't mind letting me snap a few of just her & they ended up being some of my favs!

And shout out to my GREAT friend Lisa who watched my babies and her baby while I went to see Julie! Thanks Lisa, couldn't have done it without your help this week!