A little off this week

It's already Thursday and I thought that I might be a little farther along in photo work and house work this week but there has been another agenda. Yesterday afternoon Dean starting getting sick again - spare the details but it's not fun :( I woke the kids up mid - nap (If you are a mom you know that this goes against everything in you) to take them to a follow up doctors appointment. We get there on time only to find out that our appointment was actually the day before... we were there on the wrong day. There were no openings so we had to go home unseen & reschedule for today. If you have ever had to get two toddlers in and out of the car, stroller, etc...you know that it's not easy, especially when they're tired and don't feel good. I left the office deflated and mad at myself for messing up the day on the calendar. Poor Dean has been having a rough time of it so at least we can see the doctor later today and get some answers. Life happens I guess :) I will get to the rest when I get to it!