the Everyday

I have been once again challenged lately that I slack in taking pictures of my own family! I have also caught myself looking at sweet moments in my everyday life that I was like "wish I had my camera," which usually means we are up stairs and my camera is two flights of stairs down in the office area :) I was determined to overcome that this week and take some snapshots of my every day. I mostly have noticed just how much the twins are growing and changing every day, not to mention that in a few short months our family itself will change entirely! I think the key to these types of images is to really just capture moments and not focus too hard on photographic perfection, which I sometimes get caught up in...go figure!

One day I was checking out a blog I visit sometimes, girltalk, and I read about their 52Home project. I might have been emotional that day but this quote brought me to tears...

"Ordinary is where we all live most of the time. And yet our mundane, repetitive days are full of enduring work. Homes are being built. Families are being knit together. Little souls are being shaped for eternity. The tedious is, in fact, momentous—when done for the sake of Christ: “…so that in everything they may adorn the doctrine of God our Savior” (Titus 2:10).

This truth can get lost in piles of laundry and dirty dishes. We need help to see the glory peaking out from behind the ordinary. Our hope is that you’ll see your own ordinary, yet glorious life in these pictures. That you’ll glimpse the faithfulness of God that undergirds his faithful ones. That you’ll see reflections of the eternal in the everyday.

So I challenge myself with these words...yes I feel like I live a lot in the mundane but "little souls are being shaped for eternity" and (crying while writing this) "we need to help see the glory peaking out from behind the ordinary"... just so blessed to have the life that I have. 

Disclaimer: I felt brave to photograph anything in the chaos that is usually my bedroom so please disregard any messes, laundry or otherwise...


(Update: passed that glucose test with flying colors! The nurse asked me over the phone "Did you feel like you were going to die when you were leaving though?! Your blood sugar was very low"... well duh :)