Family Portraits are a definitely a "do"!

We all say it all the time (unless of course you are 5), "time is passing so quickly" or other comments like "where did this year go" or "when did the kids get so big?" I say things like this a lot and think that I hear my mom or Grandma's voice coming out of me! Well what better motivation do you need to take some time to do some family portraits? Here's a session from earlier this summer that I love because it's multi-generational. I LOVED it for that very reason and many others (because these do happen to be dear friends)! What a treasure it is for not only parents to capture their family in time but to include the grandparents as well makes it extra special. I know all these boys love their "Nana and Poppy" and someday they will look back at these photos to see this little slice of time. It's so precious to see families grow and change!  

The whole gang!

We did individual family groupings and I heart this idea with the name sign!


Giving love to the grandparents...

And I love this shot because Z is definitely a fun 4 year-old to know! I am pretty sure every time I have seen this kid he has had on these Toy Story boots. It's adorable and I am sure he will someday cringe when his mom shows him this picture and talks about how she couldn't get him to wear anything I said people, lets not miss out on these moments! 


**As as not of business, Max is now 6 weeks old and I am "back to work" booking sessions again for all portraits and weddings. Please email me if you need more information or would like to book something soon, summer is filling up fast!**