Monday Confessions

Well we started today with one kiddo under the weather with a low temp so I am thinking it's a good day to lay low. Thankfully today we didn't have anything on the plan other than survival. It really feels like Monday today after a busy weekend! Here's what I have to confess...

1. I was making chili for the crock pot at 7am and before you think I am super woman, just know that it was really because the meat had thawed! I had to cook the ground beef into something before the days in the fridge were too many. I figured this takes the stress off of dinner, although my kids will most likely not touch it. Does that frustrate anyone else?! I will make something to go along with it and try to enforce the "try a bite" rule. We really need to grocery shop too so I've been creative with the last few days of meals.

2. I confess that I am potty training our two year old but I need to go all in. He's had many successes with number one on the potty over the last week so I know he is able, I just have to hunker down and commit, which is the hardest part! It literally takes over your life when potty training, which is just hard with all 3 at home with me every day. What's your favorite potty training advice?

A little good reading material goes a long way... :)

 3. Everything pumpkin is at Dunkin Donuts and it's dangerous! Pumpkin spice coffee and munchkins might be the end of me :) I am still trying to stick to a healthy eating and workout plan so I will need to drive on roads without Dunkin Donuts!

4. I put on a movie at 8am today...I figured a sick child made this ok!

5. I found a great Panera knockoff recipe last week that was a huge hit at our house! Who doesn't love their mac n cheese made with creamy sauce and shells?! You can find the recipe here


6. I started putting up just a few fall decorations last week while I was on a cleaning spree. I figure I can go hard with the pumpkins and such at the end of September. I guess part of me is really waiting for my kids to go back to preschool to make Fall a reality! Yes, I know....they are in a great program in a lab preschool but it starts later than most. I am counting the days...10 to be exact my friends :)

7. I confess I may or may not have made a few purchases in Old Navy yesterday. I set a record though when I got a shirt for 38 cents! I have gotten them for 99 cents in there before but 38 was just ridiculous! I got a tank top for less than the price of a postage stamp!

8. Not sure if you have heard in your neck of the woods, but this upcoming Sunday is "National Back to Church Sunday." All different churches and denominations have come together to promote a return to church this fall. If you have been away for summer or for years, this is a great chance to just show up and see what it's about. Do you have a friend's church you've been wanting to visit? Or maybe it's the opposite, you have that friend that you know you would love to bring with you? I just say, if you've heard it's a bible believing/teaching place, go check it out! Here's a great video they showed at the end of our service yesterday and we all couldn't stop laughing... Check it out if you have two minutes! If you are local to DE and want to check out Lifehouse, we would love to have you!

I think that's about it for me this week friends! Wish me luck for all things potty training and attempting to treasure these days with my littles!