Monday Confessions, Snow Day

Welcome to the first Monday in March to another crazy snow day! It's funny, I left my kids snow pants hanging in our laundry area. I kept thinking to myself, "should I be putting these away?" Well thankfully I didn't and they're ready for action today!

1. I am already on my second cup of coffee (who wants a free iced coffee from Dunkin Donuts in a blizzard?!) Here's the view of my back yard at the moment and it's still coming down... We did see the grass for a few days!



2. I am already on my third load of laundry. I really don't know how 5 people can truly make so much laundry but I will blame winter and multiple layers for this one! Do yourself a favor though and put on the Pandora Motown station to fold to! I swear Motown makes it all better!!

3. Thanks for all the well wishes when I was really sick last Monday. I am doing much better but still seem to be fighting some cold symptoms. 

4. I just finished a great read, The Art Forger, by B.A. Shapiro. It was fascinating in relation to real facts and the world of art forgery. The story relates back to the infamous 1990 art heist at the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum in Boston in which a large stash of works were stolen, never to be recovered. This story takes on a fictional turn of what happened to one of Degas' famous works. I really enjoyed it, espcially coming from a fine art educational background. It's a mix of mystery, drama and of course a little romance mixed in. 

5. I am currently burning my new fave delicious smelling Anthropologie candle, in Willow. I got it on a steal in the sale room and then used my birthday coupon! It looks cute too of course!



6. Any of you friends bread makers? I would love to hear if you have favorite recipes or tips! I just keep reading all these stories about horrible chemicals in our foods. It's giving me stress to think about what to feed my family. I am not a big overeactor in general, but it's so hard when it comes to feeding a family and wanting to do it well!

I will live you with some wisdom for this week! (Original source unknown)