Monday Confessions

  We were up and out early with swimming lessons this morning! The twins are getting pretty great in the pool but need to work on form and confidence. Max has a bit of a longer way to go, so we are glad for the opportunity to get in some lessons this summer! So what else do I have to confess today you ask?

1. I confess I am kicking off a challenge in a Piyo group! I am a challenger...being challenged to do this different type of workout to see if it can change my body and push me past the plateau I am living in. It's a combination of yoga, pilates and other moves aimed to get you definition while not stressing your joints. It's a mental shift for a lot of us cardio addicts! So far I am loving it... 


2. Can I confess to you internet that I struggle to do total clean eating?? It's a goal of mine to stick to this month. I know I am a sugar addict when I let myself be! It's rough, but I am working so hard on trying to eat for nutrition and not for any other reason. Do you need help getting motivating and reaching your fitness goals? You can always reach out to me! If you're already a clean eating freak, what's your favorite recipes?!

3. My kids built bug houses this weekend at the Home Depot kids workshop. We love those workshops if you haven't even been, it's free and fun! The bug houses are a big hit! They've been searching for "pets" all day and finding bugs. It's good to be a kid sometimes :) Who hasn't waited for the fireflies to come out just to catch a few?!

4. We had a great fourth of July. We were sad when our towns parade was canceled but we had lots of fun watching fireworks at night! What's your favorite thing to do on the fourth?


5. If you're a shutterfly user, they're offering 101 FREE prints now through tomorrow I believe with the code JULY101. I am uploading now! I am trying to be better about getting things off my computer and into real life :)  

6. Any moms out there have good tips on keeping kids clothes organized?! I feel like their closet is a disaster. I have a bin for "too small" and a bin for the winter stuff but it's hard to keep it all straight. I think my issue is confounded with the fact that the boys can almost share a size but they don't share a room. Ever feel like you're just drowning in stuff?! 

7. I confess I am addicted to fresh summer peaches. I can't keep enough of them in the house!! These were my cute summer lunch dates today :)


8. I have been in a little bit of a book drought. I have a list of suggestions from others so I am just waiting on my holds to come in from the library. I finished a couple books last week but nothing overly inspirational. I am always open to book ideas if you've read something good lately :) Especially with a beach vacation coming in August..I might get to read a thing or two if I am lucky!

9. I confess it's been hard for me to squeeze in the kindergarten prep with the twins. Any moms have fun tricks for keeping fun learning going on in the summer? We've been doing alphabet at the table and different things like that. I guess I just need to motivate myself to motivate them :)

Ok friends, now that you know all my internal struggles, I hope you have a great week :)