Welcome! I am Emily Troutman and if you have made it this far, hopefully you like what you see! I am very passionate about photography and life in general! I find true joy in capturing those precious life moments we all experience. I spend my days not only as a photographer, but as a mom of four quickly growing children! You really are just as likely to find me cleaning up macaroni from someone's hair as you are to find me behind the camera. My kiddos are a constant source of joy, entertainment, and humility for me. My hubby, Matt is the best teammate I could have. Together we wake up every day praying that God will give us joy in the journey and the energy to raise our kids well!

I also adore a good love story and that gives weddings a special place in my heart. I treasure when a client gives me the opportunity to capture their wedding day, knowing these images will contain their memories and tell their story for generations to come. I love taking a picture and thinking about their grandkids looking at it! I have been doing weddings in the Delaware, Maryland, Pennsylvania and New Jersey regions for over 10 years now. I have many wedding couples that have since allowed me to capture their children and so on.

As far as my photography goes, I love to shoot on location with a natural, classic feel. At this point, I have some street cred but I do I also hold a Bachelor of Fine Arts from UD (Go Blue Hens!) for photography. My knowledge and background in film and darkroom add to my skill set as I shoot digital now. I hope if you make it in front of my lens that we make it fun and true to life. Everything from a newborn baby in their crib to a bride ready to walk down the aisle gets me so excited to use my camera to capture! (Yes I also like exclamation points!)

This blog and website are just a little window into my world and my work.

I love to connect with people so send me an email if you have questions, 

Special thanks to Erin of Erin Farrell Photography for the portraits of me.