Why Custom Photography?              

      I think it's important to note that a highly individualized portrait session takes both a commitment for the client and the photographer. It is true that custom portraits are more expensive than a chain photographer and photographers in certain areas even vary in pricing. There is a very simple explanation…you should get what you pay for. If you hire a portrait photographer worth his or her salt, they should consult with you about details, location, and vision. The local chain store isn't going to do that, nor would they come to your home or your location of choice. The local chain certainly wouldn't spend hours editing your images to get that "just right" look that you desire. Custom photography is pricey for that very purpose, it is custom to you! I am here to serve you and work together for the best possible capturing of your memories. I don't want to be someone you just meet once, there is no greater honor for me than clients trusting me with their memories year after year. Please know that I value your commitment to your session!