Monday Confessions from my new website!

       It's finally here and I couldn't be more excited! It's only just about August and it was a new years goal of mine to get the website updated, so better late then never right?! I truly am happy to present my more recent work in a fresh way. I MUST say a big thanks to my husband for helping with some of the technical aspects of getting a new site up and running! He's also my favorite designer so he has good editorial input! HUGS AND KISSES to you Matt!! 

As for today's confessions…

  1. I confess that I am no where near "together" and as "organized" as I would like to be. This new website is the perfect example, because I wanted it up in January. I will definitely say though that it's OK to not have it all together friends. If you would've seen me today running around town with the kids still in my workout gear (I did see quite a few of you too between the library and grocery store :)….you would know that I sometimes live in survival mode. Don't we all?!
  2. I am dealing with a nasty case of poison ivy on my arm. Seriously, why does poison ivy even exist on earth? It's gross and itchy! I am also pretty sure I was no where near poison ivy myself, I must have contracted it from Matt's laundry is the only thing I can guess?! 
  3. I just finished up a fascinating yet haunting book last week. A House in the Sky: A Memoir by Sara Corbett and Amanda Lindhout was such a good read, I had a hard time putting it down! It's the tale of a sprouting photo journalist just crazy enough to venture into Somalia for a story and what she got was the haunting and crazy story of her life. Amanda Lindhout found herself captive to muslim extremist kidnappers and what she endured for 15 months was hard to read at times. I am thankful though that she survived to tell her story and shed light on life for those in other countries, especially women. I have found myself pondering quite a bit the plight of women in the world, especially those oppressed by fanatical religious beliefs. The extremist banned such horrible things as music but thought nothing of abusing Amanda in more ways I care to count. These things do not make sense to me! In the year 2014, it's still illegal for women in Saudi Arabi to drive. All of this to say, read this book and remember why you shouldn't complain about the US. I know the US has all kinds of trials today and could benefit from reform, but as a woman, I am so very thankful to live here! 
  4. I am on week five of the PiYo schedule and really loving it! I am liking the idea that you can sculpt your body with your own body weight. If you're even vaguely interested, PiYo is still on special until Thursday night at midnight, go here to check it out. I am hosting a challenge group starting next week with a friend if you want in on the fun (or at least in on the results!) 
  5. I truly cannot believe the end of the week starts August! Time is quickly passing us by and my twins start kindergarten in Septemeber (sniff, sniff). I am trying to make a "summer bucket list" of things I want to try to do before it's all over. What are some of your summer bucket list ideas? 
  6. If you don't already know this, Cheesecake Factory is doing half price cheesecake all day on Wednesday July30th! Yes, I realize I just talked about working out but I also appreciate good food!  You can't beat half price cheesecake but you better do a workout first :) 
  7. Dean just walked in and said "Maxwell just did the biggest, naughtiest thing ever…" while he was supposed to be asleep?! I better go investigate friends…I am afraid and cutting this party short! Have a good week friends!