Wilmington Art Loop

Last night was the once monthly Wilmington Art Loop, where artists show in different "galleries" around town. Some galleries are official spaces, like the one a DCAD (Delaware College of Art & Design) or there are the tattoo shops and random third floor warehouse spaces where you aren't sure what is the art work & was were the art supplies. I kid you not on this one, I think I almost tripped over a peice of "work" that I thought was trash. That's the fun of viewing artwork though, some of it you can appreciate and respect, other objects might just make you think. Well enough of my art analysis, I got to show a handful of photographs along with two other lovely photographers in the LOMA coffee shop, one being Libby Foester.  My work was the "miracle of love," Libby's was the "miracle of life," and Barbara's was the "miracle of creation."

If you are ever on the lower end of Market St, you MUST check it out! They have yummy food and great drinks, ask me how I know :) I have to say after being full in the middle of mommyhood lately, it was nice to be back in the "art" environment of picking work to be shown, installing it, & then viewing it while hearing what others had to say. You will notice in the pictures below though that we had to use the windows as our backdrops because there wasn't enough wall space. I think our solution worked well although it was not your traditional prints and frames solution.

It's hard not to have fun walking the city at night to view artwork, eat free food, and be among friends. Did I mention that this great event is always FREE?! Gotta' love that! You never know what the night will bring, a friend of mine won the drawing in the Poppycock tattoo shop for a gift certificate. 

Here are a couple angles of my work the night we set it up, it was way too packed in there last night to get a clear shot. Thanks to those of you who came out to support & thanks again for my beautiful brides that allowed me to capture their day!