The K Family

"Spring being a tough act to follow, God created June." -Al Bernstein

As a photographer, I always enjoy capturing families together but there's nothing sweeter than an at home session on a summer evening! The K family and I had fun exploring their yard,  blowing bubbles, swinging swings, riding bikes and generally enjoying ourselves during our session! Kim and I had a funny moment about ten minutes in when I realized we knew each other! We had graduated high school together 16 years ago (almost to the day) and as it dawned on me, I did the awkward "I know you!" Thankfully she remembered me and didn't think I was crazy. I love how photography can bring things in life full circle for me! Getting to run into an old friend and seeing how beautiful her life is these days is a special treat. 




Sweet Summertime

    It's been a whirlwind of a summer already and I am ALWAYS excited when a family contacts me to inquire about getting a photo session. Liz dropped me a note one morning and said, "I was interested in getting our family pictures taken. Just the 5 of us. Didn't think [the place] at the mall could capture some moments like you could." I love this and take it to heart. When a family contacts me to get photos, it's not just for the pretty pictures, but to truly capture the family as they are in this season of their lives! 

   I mean, have you seen any cuter boys?! I think that Liz & Pete will have to unhook their phone from the wall in their teenage years!! Thankful for a pretty summer morning that worked out to get this session in! 


I love this sweetness of a mama with her boys…

   This kiddo is all adventure…


This kiddo is all adventure…

   See what I mean about these boys all together? So adorable!!


See what I mean about these boys all together? So adorable!!

   Love the cheekiness here…it's showing that personality!


Love the cheekiness here…it's showing that personality!

Summer sunset maternity

     In this season of my own pregnancy, it has been fun to connect with other friends going through the same. My friend Liz is due just a few weeks after me, also with a little boy! It's been fun to text about symptoms, confess eating a bag of chips (yes I have done that recently!!!) or just see how each other is holding up. I was honored to take a few minutes last weekend with this beautiful couple and capture the pregnancy with their first child! Every child and pregnancy has its own story to tell, but especially with your first it's a sweet time to document. We were SO excited when the weather cleared and we caught the tail end of the sunset… enjoy! Oh, and the sweet puppy in the photos is Marley :) She's a part of the family too!

The H Family

   Of course I always love to photograph friends and their families, which is what I got to do last week with this session. They told me they hadn't had an updated family photograph in years! I get it, life passes us quickly, but friends please do yourselves a favor and aim for an annual family photo! I was thinking about this myself last night. Last November when we got our family photo taken, I had no idea that God was going to add to our family this summer! It's fun to think about having a visual history of the story of your family :) Anyhow, I digress.  How beautiful are these girls? Their dad was making jokes about keeping the shotgun cleaned! Ha!

Love this one, it was a "just for fun" because we all know it's probably a little more accurate :) 

Love this one, it was a "just for fun" because we all know it's probably a little more accurate :) 

Happy Friday Y'all!

One Week New ~ Newborn Session

I adore the opportunity to photograph families over and over again. I was so excited when Liz called to say her little one was on the way and she wanted to do a newborn and family session when he arrived! I was able to photograph her maternity and sweet Adelyn a couple years back. Fast forward to earlier this week when their newest addition, Myles, turned one week old!


We started with sweet, adorable big sister first!!

Love the idea of the baseball for a size comparison!
Myles and Mommy...


One week new ~ Newborn Session

It's always an absolute honor when a former bride and groom call me to do their newborn photos! I consider it such a privelege to get to photograph the different stages of life for friends. We did the session on baby's one week birthday to always be able to remember him so tiny and sweet! Big brother Gunner, a German Short-haired Pointer, joined us for most of the session! He was great too...

(As I currently am in a naptime stand off with my own three year old, I am SO thankful for his one week portrait that I can remember when he was more sweetness than the sass he's currently now full of!)

Congrats to Erin & Lou on their beautiful baby boy!

Family Friday!

Here's an adorable family that I got to shoot a few weekends ago in the beautiful fall weather! I have known Paulo & Ashley since our high school days :) It's so fun to get to see old friends in their current lives as parents. These kiddos were adorable and great sports during our shoot. I really enjoyed getting to photograph them!

Who doesn't love a little ring around the rosie?!

How beautiful are these two?! I love it...

Isn't this the sweetest?! He will definitely have to scare away all her future boyfriends!

This little guy is his own brand of cute too!

Just love her! 

Have a wonderful weekend friends! 

The Haines Family

You may be thinking "I have seen this family on the blog before" and yes, you are correct. I love nothing more than when friends become clients and allow me to capture their memories! These precious people were our next door neighbors at our first house, which was a huge blessing to us. They moved away for a few years due to jobs and we then moved as well. As fate would have it, we are practically neighbors again and we are loving it! We were sad when we thought our kiddos wouldn't get to grow up knowing each other but that has totally changed. Our kids get along great and we are so thankful to have them back in the neighborhood. 

As for this session, it was pure magic. It was a lovely combination of great styling, cooperative kiddos, gorgeous Autumn afternoon light, great subjects, and a pretty setting! I love it when everything comes together! For those of you who will ask, the kids clothing is Janie and Jack.  I know, I know... the whole family's styling is perfection (thanks to their mama)! These really are some of my most favorite images I've shot recently!

The Johnson Family

There are some moments when I am reminded how much I love my job. A couple weekends ago I had such a moment while photographing a 4 year old! I told him he could throw leaves and he took me up on it, which made for some beautiful, natural portraits! I am thankful for the fairly mild weather this year that has allowed me lots of great sessions this fall. Forgive the huge stash of images, I just couldn't choose! We even had fun visiting a few horses during our session!

I adore this mother and daughter moment...

This was the aforementioned moment about my friend throwing leaves :) 

Don't you want to eat her up?! Love it..

A personal favorite from the shoot...

Another favorite...see why I couldn't choose?!