Professional Headshots, Middletown, DE

 So many of us are running businesses either from home or in offices that require us to have a visual presence on the internet. I think this is a great time in our history where we truly can be working from anywhere! It also can be a lot of pressure to feel like you need to upgrade those head shots or have a few professional shots to use in your social media outlets. I can assure you that we can accomplish this goal in 30 minutes with good lighting :) Reach out to me today if you're interested! 

Kim Simpson, Kim Simpson of Thyme Realestate Co in Middletown DE

Kim Simpson, Kim Simpson of Thyme Realestate Co in Middletown DE


Headshots for Business and Media

     I don't know formal statistics but from people I know in real life, it's very common these days for men and women to be running independent businesses from home. I know friends doing everything from skin care, to fitness, to health and vitamins sales. With the internet, the options for running home businesses has expanded exponentially but the thing that remains is that each person wants to keep a professional online image. Are you in the market for a fresh headshot to use on your business or media? Are you ready to update a resume on online profile and need a new headshot? I am offering headshot packages but on location and in a studio setting if you prefer. Here's a recent handful of images from a happy customer running her online business! 


Headshot packages starting at just $150. Contact me today for pricing and availability,


Stylist Love

         I once heard a woman who had just moved to a new area say, "I think it's harder to find a good hair stylist than a doctor." I did a little chuckle but it stuck with me, because a great stylist is hard to find! Sarah is a stylist friend of mine who has some great ideas swirling in her head for her business. She decided she needed some images of herself that reflected her style and thankfully, she asked me to do them! This was a fun session for me because I love working with creative professionals to get them a more personalized "headshot" experience and product. We had a great evening combination of a little bit of cooler air and that yummy warm sunset glow. 

If you are a business professional and would like to inquire about headshot services, shoot me an email,