Stale blog like stale bread

The definition to stale is "no longer fresh or pleasant to eat; hard, musty or dry" - that pretty much sums up my blog :) Stale! As many of you (my 2 readers) know though, I have almost 5 month old twins, so that has consumed my every waking (& sleeping) moment! I have recently been able to start doing official shoots again and have been having so much fun doing it. In the next few days I will post some images from recent shoots. I have been posting recent shoots in my "notes" section on facebook so some of these images will be repeats for you facebook stalkers.

In recent weeks I know that I have been growing in my photographic ability and desire to keep pushing it. I have always had a vision, since I held my first camera in my hand at 5 (it was free from buster brown's with my pair of shoes!) I actually still have the pictures from that first camera and although the skill is much improved (as well as the equipment) the vision is the same, snapping moments in time in our lives. I am daily contemplating what it would be to go into business for myself on a larger scale. I am a small operation (me) & love what I do but fear sometimes holds me back. You know all those "what ifs" that keep you stuck.....hoping to get unstuck & keep pursuing my passion (in between diaper changes, naptimes and never-ending laundry) :)

So long for today!