In the works

In the midst of cleaning things, changing diapers, cooking food & all the other glorious duties of a mommy - I have lots of photo related things in the works. One which I am very excited about is my own new logo. This probably seems small and most of you (that know me) are thinking - "her husband is a graphic designer, why is a logo a big deal?" Well it's a big deal because this logo is a long time coming - my husband had a hard time trying to capture me in a logo. Probably because I kept giving him ideas I liked but in the end he said it was really hard to encompass me into a symbol. I will take that as a sweet compliment that all he has come to love about me was hard to squeeze down into an image (& I will pretend he wasn't calling me a crazy, complex lady :)

As some of you also know, my husband, Matt, is working two jobs so that I am able to stay at home with our kids. This leaves little time for his designing that he's so passionate about. In his "spare" time he is also building me a website to display my work. I am doing lots of behind the scenes business type stuff as well. Starting up a business is never easy, especially when squeezing it in between diaper changes and naps but I am realizing every day the blessing it is to have a passion that can also help support my family. I am excited to see where God is leading with my business endeavors.

And if you are looking to book a shoot, I am now booking for spring lifestyle sessions. If you want more info and pricing, shoot me an email - I also am getting booked up on weddings for this year but would love to chat with you if you are a bride to be!