I haven't done confessions in a while & I realize they are normally on friday or Monday but I feel it's time to confess...

1. I ate taco bell for lunch and it hit the spot! I always make fun of my husband for liking it but every once in a while I like it too :)

2. I found the funniest show yesterday on A & E called "billy the exterminator!" No joke! He's a redneck with a mullet from Louisiana but I had a great time watching him catch a rattle snake and try to coral some turkeys. Seriously... 

3. I TRIED to stay away from the real housewives but to no avail. I watched the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills & my jaw hit the floor a few times! I think it secretly does make me feel better that money truly can't buy your happiness or fix your chaos!

4. I have already been Christmas shopping here and there. Do you know it's just shy of 2 months away people?!

5. I have let my kids have their first lolly pops and they love them! 

6. I have been dreading making dinner lately. I am out of ideas & steam as to what to make. I hate grocery shopping with 2 kids also so it makes it even more challenging...I actually need to own food to cook :)

Six is not my usual number but that's all the confessions I have for today!
Happy Wednesday friends!