Why we had to buy a mini van last night...

Never say never, or so I have learned. I learned that this saying is extremely applicable to most all of parenting. Like even right now I am letting my kids watch a portable DVD player with Baby Einstein as they sit strapped in their high chairs - hey, don't judge. I said I would never do that either and here we are :) Well we also never thought we would have twins but they blessings far outweigh the challenges! We also never thought that I would be writing this 10 weeks pregnant with baby number 3! Yes friends, I am expecting our third child on June 1st! It has come as a huge surprise to us to be expecting again while our twins are only 16 months old, but we are embracing God's plan for our family!

So also never say never to the mini van. I SWORE I would never drive one of these things and now it's really the only thing that will make sense for our family of 5. We will have 3 kids under the age of 2 who will all need car seats for some time so this makes the most sense. I felt all my last ounces of "cool" that I might have had left melting away last night as I signed the papers for our "new to us" Toyota Sienna. Hey - if you haven't heard though, it's really called a "Swagger Wagon!" I definitely can't complain though, it's super nice and has all the gadgets a young family could need. We are thankful for God's provision (it was literally an even trade with our Highlander and we walked away with an even smaller payment than previously!). My husband said to me "you aren't cool anymore, you're a mom"....haha thanks honey!

So there you have it, we've had a week of the sickies at our house and along with my prego self it has been good to stay in pajamas and snuggle until we all felt better. I am looking forward to see what it's like to just carry one baby at a time :) And yes, we did see a healthy strong heartbeat last week and confirmed it was only ONE!

Here are some pics, one of our new van and one of our new baby! Happy Friday!