Some Wedding favorites of 2010 - Part 1

If you follow this blog at all, you know I adore wedding photography. I fell into it after college and fell in love. This year was a GREAT wedding for me! I got to photograph all over DE and PA with all fabulous brides with unique weddings. I had some dream moments as a photographer and I believe even some personal break throughs in my work. This is going to be an epic photo post so just enjoy. Some of these you have seen before and might be familiar while others will be new to your eyes. I pulled a lot of what are my favorites, not necessarily because they are perfect but because they are captured moments. They are moments I was able to watch unfold through my lens and capture, best part of my job! I had a hard time narrowing down, this is always a problem for me to edit myself so I did my best and will be doing this in two parts!

On a side note two things friends:

1. I have learned this year that my sort of "off center" aesthetic can sometimes get old - no one has ever said this to me but i learned it myself looking through my work this year. I never want to be stale or do the same thing over and over so the tilt to the left - although it will never vanish from how I see things I will be more careful not to have so many photos in a batch taken at the same angle. Thanks for noticing and being nice about it :) 

2. I am accepting weddings for 2011 - many of you have been wondering due to the baby. I will be able to book weddings through early April and should be back in business in late July/early August. Please feel free to contact me about your date even if you aren't sure! 

Look out later this week for the kid/family edition of my favorites from 2010!


Alan & Nicole, Cavaliers Country Club


Kristin & Nick, Bridal Shoot in Gibraltar Gardens


Matt & Meghan, Lewes Canal Park