Naptime & my own personal Heaven

So I am working on blogging consistency to please all my readers out there :) All 5 of you will be happy to see it! Haha...OK so if you want a glimpse into what keeps a mother of 8 month old twins sane, here it is. It is my deck during naptime. The ingredients are sunshine, warmth, an iced nonfat latte from sbucks (i got hooked up with giftcards on birthday, AMEN) or a diet dr. pepper and did I mention quiet..or relative quiet, birds and bugs. If you have been a mother or know a mother, these are the moments that help you get through the rest of the day! Yes the laundry is piled up, yes there are dishes to wash, but honestly, those are always there waiting so if you can get a few minutes to yourself - my advice for your sanity is to escape for those few minutes! Let the sun shine on your face, breathe deeply and refresh because in the blink of an eye the kids will be awake & need a diaper change. And seriously... those snow shovels behind me in the picture better go into retirement because spring better be here to stay!