Graduation! It's that time of year

SO it's the time of year that seniors in high school and college are thinking of the future! Graduation is right around the corner and they will be pushed out into the big scary world...ok that sounds dramatic. Well this past week I had a lot of fun photographing my "baby" cousin, Anastasia, who just so happens to be beautiful & lots of fun. This shoot had me reminiscing, thinking of the day she was born. It was literally the day after I turned 6, I still remember getting snuck in to the hospital by my uncle to see her for the first time. Ok now I really feel mushy, but time does pass quickly! I was so thankful to be asked to capture these memories for our family. We were also instructed by my aunt that although the cap & gown did not have to go on - they needed to be a meaningful part of the imagery. SO readers, tell me how you think we did with capturing the senior spirit without the cheese of the fake rose & goofy head tilt! (Leave me some comment love on this one :)