I always think crazy things so I decided that I can be fo' real and share those crazy things about myself. I mean all of you 3 readers out there might get a chuckle. So here's a few confessions from today.

1. I like watching muscles work, not in a creepy way like checking people out, but just watching how the body works always amazes me! Especially with my kids, I like seeing them learning how to make their little bodies do what they want it to do.

2. I have a thing for Jeeps and almost always fits that I married a boy with a big jacked up one :) He's just glad that he has two babies and still gets to keep the Jeep!

3. I like shallow tv sometimes & my DVR would totally rat me out.... think the Hills & Bachelorette.... I rip the show apart the whole time I watch it, but yet I am watching it

4. I give myself pep talks when I go running....everything from statistics on heart disease to "just run to the next corner"....

That's enough soul bearing for today, more confessions to come another day! Here's to getting to know each other internet friends!