Hydrangea Obession and a few other things

Happy Tuesday friends! I wanted to take a moment to post on one of my latest obsessions, the fabulous hydrangeas in our yard. When we moved into our house almost 4 years ago, there was a sad looking bush in the back yard. I had no idea what it even was and it never flowered or anything. Last year, upon closer inspection, I realized that it was a hydrangea that just wasn't flowering. I thought that this was sad, since hydrangeas are one of my absolute favorites! Especially for decorating, they are a great flower for around the house. Any-who, I had the stroke of genius to "feed" the plant this year in spring with some of that plant stuff you see at Home Depot... I am no gardener by any means, I kill lots of plants inside and out but that sad little bush has blossomed into a gorgeous, bloom-filled plant! Here are a few quick shots I took today, straight out of the camera in the afternoon sun. (And yes, it's like 100 degrees in the shade here today!)

I also have been doing lots of praying and thinking, I heard Francis Chan call this "prinking" - I like it :) LOTS going on in my life this week with teaching VBS, gearing up to shoot a wedding on Saturday, and celebrating the twins first birthday on Sunday! So much swirling in my head in regards to my business...many things have gone slower than I wanted in the launching process but these things take time. I keep telling myself Rome definitely wasn't built in a day! I want to wave a magic wand and have everything magically appear but I am having to take it one step at a time with hopefully some exciting things to come.

And those of you reading this blog - I would love for you to start giving some feedback (aka "comments")! Lets hear it!