Growth...and a SNEAK PEEK!

Meghan's Sneak Peek....

I am humbled and thankful for growth in life. Not just the evident, physical growth we go through like my toddlers experience daily but also the ways that we evolve as people. I am especially thankful lately in how much I feel that I have grown as a photographer. It's important to keep moving forward in things, if you ever feel like you have ''arrived" you better check yourself because it's probably not true. I am sure there is still more to learn. I can tell with every wedding I do that I improve, even if slightly, and not just the final product images but also the way in which I work and anticipate what's next. I am thankful for every photographic experience I get because it pushes me to keep going. I also am thankful that with continuing to refine my skills and knowledge, I am producing even more quality images. Not to mention that better gear definitely improves the possibilities!
I think back to the first real wedding I was the solo photographer and...cringe. I had ONE CAMERA and FILM and I am pretty sure I didn't have a clue! It was a month after I graduated college and you would've though all those hours in the darkroom, etc would've prepared me but no. Thank goodness it was outdoors and the bride had all the confidence in the world. I think that was also the day I fell in love with wedding photography :) So thanks Terry & Mark if you are out there and reading this!