When things get scary

Today I witnessed a hilarious but honest and real moment in the pediatrician's office. A dad rolls in with two kids, a girl and a boy, about 5 and 6 years old respectively. The dad heads to the check in desk while the kids find a seat. After a few minutes the dad comes back to break the news that the girl needs to "get a shot for school." He kind of makes jokes about not wanting her to die of measels, mumps or reubella at which I am laughing a little bit already. The water works start the minute she hears about said shot. She then climbs in her daddy's lap and tries to change her fate, trying to talk him out of it. She then realizes that this tactic is not working. She waits for her brother to distract her dad, she casually slides out of his lap, around the corner and STRAIGHT OUT THE DOOR! Of course the dad realizes this and starts cracking up, along with anyone else that has noticed what has transpired.

I of course giggle at the idea of it all, but then am struck, how often is this me? When I get some bad news, do I jet? When I know something tough is coming down the pike, am I running off? Even though this "bad" thing is for my good and it might hurt a little but it will save me in the long run. It definitely hurts a lot less than suffering from any of those wicked diseases the vaccine is for. We often choose to not suffer in the moment instead of thinking about the long run. I am going to smile when I think of that little girl, not only for her spirit, but for the reminder that sometimes you just have to get the shot. And lets face it...most shots aren't really that bad in the end anyway.