Rock Star Syndrome

I had total rock star syndrome today...not that I was the rock star but that I was in the presence of photographic "rock stars" that seriously made my blood pressure rise and heart beat faster. Jasmine Star is someone that I have looked up to for so long and just gained so much knowledge from, as well as encouragement. She was there today in DC to talk about branding your photo business. I got to meet her and she is every bit as genuine in person as she is through her website, etc. In fact, that is also her primary business advice, BE YOU!

She came over and stood about one foot from me while she waited to for her turn to speak. My heart was beating a little bit faster...seriously, you know that feeling when you are close to someone you have a lot of esteem for but don't really know how to express it? I was probably a total dork when I talked to her but I was trying to convey the depth of how she's impacted me in like a 20 second introduction. I told her that "other than Jesus and my husband she has been one of my biggest encouragers." Of course this made her laugh and say "oh I must be really up there then?!" Yes, I said I was a dork.

But if I am "KIR" - "keeping it real" she has given me encouragement on a regular basis to keep pursuing my dreams. There's a quote of hers I saved on my desktop for days when I think I want to let the fear take over. Wise Jasmine once wrote on her blog, "When I made the decision to dive into photography I was fearful. Of course. But this fear was shadowed by my fear of not living the life I wanted. The fear of being trapped in a 9-5, wearing a black suit, and having power meetings. Ugh. I dove head first into my business when I realized fear shouldn't dictate how I live my life...because the life I wanted to live was trapped in a Canon camera, a unknown blog, and 250 black business cards. That's all I had, but fear couldn't rob me of following my dreams. It shouldn't rob anyone of them." That about sums it up and keeps me going! So thanks Jasmine for what you do in encouraging the rest of us to chase our dreams too!

I also got to meet Katelyn James, another great photographer here on the East coast whose blog I stalk! She really is sweet as pie in person :) SO here's a few snap shots from the day!