Website Tweaks

Hey friends! Just wanted to say thanks to those of you who have given some honest, helpful, and insightful feedback on the new website. We will be making some tweaks possibly in days to come in relation to where the blog is located on the site. So just keep an eye out and don't get "scurred" if you don't see it right away - poke around the navigation bar & it just might have moved over. We love tips, even if it's just something to make it more user friendly. We have also heard great feedback on the logo - thanks friends - but we also know that it shows up a lil' too big on some your smaller computers and you can't see the rest of the site, leaving you to think that you should click on the logo. Anywho, thanks for letting us know. We are just thinking through the best business practices & such! If you have feedback, I would love to hear it!