Snow Day!

We have been lucky this year to have a few nice snowfalls already, and yes I just said lucky. I love snow, always have! I lived in one of those houses that snow was always reason for celebration. Maybe it's because we had a slew of 4 x 4 vehicles and one even included a plow, so snow never stopped us from fun! My dad was usually big into taking us sledding or 4 wheeling or other snow adventures. Still makes me smile to think about it and definitely want to share that with my kids. Here's one of M & D's first ride on a sled (Mimi & Poppop got it for them for Christmas)!

And definitely don't judge me that Dean isn't wearing gloves, he HAS gloves, we had glove issues with him :) We were only about for 10 minutes so all his fingers are still in tact!