Monday Confessions

I confess that...

1. Having sick babies can take a toll on the whole house, unfortunately my father in law caught some type of bug but it allowed the hubby to have the day off today. I just about went skipping out of the house for an impromptu coffee date with a friend & about a million other errands. 

2. Third pair of Uggs is definitely a charm :) Yes, after two exchanges due to size & feel issues - learned that I am not a fan of how the "cardy" Uggs fit or feel. I went with the new black Bailey style and I dare say I am in love! 

3. I got to photograph a beautiful wedding on Friday night & I have been working on editing it today. Can't wait to share later this week! If you want a small winter wedding, Deerfield is a gorgeous place to pull it off!

4. Sick baby produces a lot of laundry...I lost count of how much laundry I did last week - feel like going on laundry protest. 

5. I don't like how cold it is, it's so cold out it hurts! I need a vacation to a tropical location :)

6. I still hate the PS3

7. Macy and Dean didn't even get out of their pajamas today! They wore them straight til bathtime before exchanging them for a new pair :)

8. I have been dangerous lately with online & in store shopping deals...those little teaser emails need to stop coming to my inbox! (if you need to know this, as of today in stores - old navy had an extra 50% off their clearance and Baby Gap had an extra 40% off anything that was already on sale!) 

9. I am really getting curious as to if we are having a girl or a boy. I am thankful though that we don't know, would've been spending too much money on above mentioned sales :) Sorry friends, we will be keeping names to ourselves again this pregnancy. We have to make sure it "fits" - I know the suspense is awful but think how much more exciting it will all be when the baby is born?!

10. Rooting for Dana on the Next Great Baker!! I have gotten to eat from two of his yummy cakes in the last two weeks, what a treat!!