Monday Confessions

Good Morning...

1. Max slept from 9pm to 5:30am, this is huge people! Lets hope it's starting a trend :) Having consecutive hours of sleep makes a mommy much happier.

2. When I walked in the twins room this morning I found both twins and all their blankies/stuffed animals together in Macy' crib :) Dean cannot be contained!

3. I have exactly three loads on laundry washed and dried.....waiting for me to fold it!

4. This weekend kept me busy with a yard sale, photo shoots, etc so my house is looking a little rough this morning, might need to do something about that today!

5. I found the FUNNIEST new show. If you are a young parent, you need to check out NBC's "Up All Night." I was laughing so hard I almost cried. It's the tale of new parents and all the things that go along with having a newborn around; things like living in a "sweatpants purgatory" or realizing that your fancy convertible just won't cut it with a carseat. I think it might be on Wednesdays but I caught it on demand, it's great for a laugh!

6. There are all sorts of online Columbus Day sales going on with free shipping, better hide my laptop from myself today...or maybe start my christmas shopping?! It's only 2 months & 2 weeks away! AHHHHH....

7. Is anyone else tired of the plethora of emails in your inbox each morning?! I do love me a good groupon but I sweat I have to automatically delete at least 10 emails each morning of stuff I don't even look at.

8. We are in the research phase of selling our house... I have had two different realtors not return my calls after talking to them. It's such a bummer because it makes me wonder what kind of agent they would be?! Might have to move on to another!

9. I am not a fan of cutting the kids finger nails but it's something that needs to be done often or they get claws...I mean think about it, that's 60 finger/toe nails I have to trim :)

10. I will have more exciting things to post this week like photo shoots so make sure you check back in later this week!

Have a super week!