Monday Confessions

1. Max is now a rolling machine and gets annoyed that he can't roll back! He's still just a one-directional roller and it frustrates him. I alos get the job of rolling him back :) Playing in his activity gym!

2. I sometimes wonder if I have bitten off more than I can chew, but that never really seems like an option. My photography business has been booming in great ways, it's a full fall season! In the next couple weeks I have more family and couple sessions, as well as a beautiful beach wedding! I am looking forward to all of it! With this being said though, I am booking for sessions on a limited basis in November. Please still feel free to contact me with your inquiries!

3. Dean has gotten very vocal with his opinion, he has now told me "I no like 'dis" about my music, my tv shows, food I feed him and you name it! OH two-year olds :)

4. The twins love pumpkins and picked out their own this past weekend. They also like to point them out everywhere we go!

5. It's free iced coffee Monday at Dunkin Donuts, if you didn't find the card in your mail last week it's totally worth picking through your recycle bin!

6. Today is the birthday of Luke, one of the twins best little buds, so HAPPY 2nd BIRTHDAY LUKE! Dean knows it's his birthday & keeps walking around singing "Happy Luke" - super cute!

7. It's going to be a community yard sale in our 'hood this weekend, it's been good motivation to get some "stuff" cleaned out of my house! I think I will set up shop on yard sale day!

8. Speaking of yard sales, I scored an awesome tumbling set for toddlers this weekend at a yard sale! M & D have been LOVING it! It's been everything from a jungle gym to their stage for concerts. I just snapped Macy standing on the block singing into a toy screw :) And notice Dean's tongue...nice

9. Yesterday was a let down for Philly fans, the Eagles and the Phillies had great early leads and then still managed to lose! Sad day..

10. We went to target this morning and it was one of those adventures that I managed to spend $100 on what seemed like nothing...diapers, a few groceries, new toothbrushes... guess that's life!

That's all for now friends! Happy Monday!