Monday Confessions with some big news!

People always say "I don't know how you do it." Neither do I most of the time...

1. Here's a glimpse into just one small moment of my day, trying to take the kids to the YMCA. I get a workout on the way to my workout. Imagine having to get two 2yr-olds and a 23 lb 5 month-old into the gym. You have two choices, to pull out the 50 lb double stroller and hook the extra seat to it to make it a triple (this takes at least 5 minutes & then where the heck do you leave that beast during your workout) OR to put the 5 month-old in the snap-n-go while letting the 2yr-olds walk. It sounds simple enough but not if your toddlers like to run away like Dean. I go with option two today and end up carrying Macy while pushing Max and convincing Dean to "help" me push Max, all while weaving through cars. Dean runs when he sees something so I run after him and leave Max in the middle of the parking lot. I round Dean back up & get back to Max.

We finally make it to the door, Dean pushes the button for the automatic door to open and we make it to the check-in desk. I have to let go of Dean's hand and afer a second the guy behind me says "you have a jailbreak!" I look back to see Dean jetting back to the front door to play with the buttons again! I run to get him with Macy still in arms and completely leave Max unattended. I get Dean & we go back to the desk, get all our cards swiped and continue on to the kids classrooms. Drop off involves crying and cajoling but I am determined for a workout! Mind you this is all BEFORE I go run on the treadmill for half an hour. And remember, this crazy process has to be repeated on the way back out the door - all under the comments of old ladies "you have your hands full" or those looks from people like "do you know where babies come from?" Yes friends...this is just a small moment of my usual day and I was just thankful it was sunny (imagine that scenario with rain, excessive wind, etc), crazy right?!

2. Twilight Breaking Dawn Part 1 on November 19th - do you have your tickets yet? I do :) And before you ask, yes, I am an almost 30 year old woman! Don't hate, I am going with friends too!

3. In the same vain, I am kind of excited to listen to Justin Bieber's new Christmas Album, Under the Mistletoe. Hey who doesn't need new Christmas music to jam to?! I realize this puts me into cougar/creeper status but at least I am up front about it! It takes me back to high school when I jammed to 98 Degrees Christmas album on repeat!

4. Not a fan of political propoganda on tv... next year is not going to be fun with a presidential election!

5. Our other BIG NEWS is that we are MOVING!!! Our little townhouse has served us well for just over 5 years but it just can't contain our growing family. Moving out of our first home is a little bittersweet. We absolutely love this place, the location, the neighbors, but it's just too small for our brood! Max has been bunking with us and is ready for his own room! We will be moving to Middletown, it's a whole new town for us but thankfully is still not too far from family and friends or all my wonderful clients. Pictures of the new house will follow at some point in the next month. (We are going to rent the townhouse out, so if you or someone you know is interesting in renting in Bear, DE come January 1st, please shoot me an email! I would love to tell you about the house).

Well those were some long confessions so I will cut myself off for now, have a great week friends!