Monday Crush Confessions

You know that feeling when your palms sweat inexplicably and you giggle like a middle school girl?! It's the feeling of a crush of course! I thought I might share with you internet friends some things I have been crushing on lately...

1. A 2012 Black Chevy Suburban....I know my Dad is in heaven dying over the fact that I like a Chevy (he only ever owned Fords) but hey Dad, AT LEAST it's made in America! Definitely don't tell my swagger wagon but I would totally cheat with a Suburban if I had the chance!

2. Speaking of any of you watch Hawaii 5 -0? I definitely love the action and the sweet Camaro they run around in...but I totally have another Crush on the Steve McGarrett character! I dare say he might even be bad-er than Jack Bauer. Alex o'Laughlin definitely knows how to flex it and aim a gun...I don't care if it's all fake. You can totally hear my middle school girl giggle when I watch!! 

3. I have a crush on black sparkle Toms. I am crossing my fingers they are in Santa's bag for me! I mean and really, Toms is a shoe habbit a girl can feel good about supporting because somewhere else in the world a person in need of shoes will get a pair also!

4. I have a total secret crush on crazy big hair and maybe it's because my hair is fairly plain & manageable...Here are some rad examples. 

Promise Tangeman -she also has a million other reasons I can crush on her like, awesome personal style, loves Jesus, hangs out with Jasmine Star and is an amazing artist!


Chelsea from Teen Mom 2 - I also commend her choice to choose life in a hard situation but do not commend her choice in men (bye bye Adam)!

Taylor who used to assist Rachel Zoe(who I also love). Her hair wasn't so much big as it was awesomely messed up at all times in all the right ways!

Enough of my hair crushes....

 5. I have a crush on New York City...I got there for a short visit last week and had my maiden voyage to the Brooklyn Bridge. Eventhough it's getting painted right now, I still got a great feel for it's beautiful architecture!

Here's just a straight out of camera shot from last week. 

6. Another crush is the Canon 70 - 200mm 2.8 lens. Self explanatory crush there...

7. I heart Lady Antebellum crush on their music! I sing it at the top of my lungs like I have any business doing that! 

8. I have a TOTAL crush on the Domincan Republic and would love to be reintroduced anytime now! Santa...if you're listening...

9. I have a total crush on this guy... (sorry for the small pic)

Love you honey!

10. And I totally have a crush on these 3 cuties too...alhtough I fail to have a good picture of them together!



What are some of your crushes friends?!