Monday Confessions

Remember...don't judge me ;)

1. 90210 (the new version) is totally on my DVR and yes I LOOK forward to it!

2. My 19 month old son broke an "unbreakable" nalgene bottle last week on the driveway and I dare say I used the word "pi**ed" when it happened - mostly because i had to go back inside and fill up another sippy cup for before our errands. Evidence... hope the replacement gets sent soon!

3. I am a sucker for convenience, my kids love "uncrustables" for lunch and I am happy to give it to them. Yes I can make PB & J but really, why would do that when all I do is open a package?! Oh and my hubby likes them too!

4. I hit up the sales racks at Kohl's yesterday like a champ - scoring christmas shirts for next year for $1.20.

5. I say "no" so much my son was running around this morning saying "no, no, no, no, no" like a song!

6. DEFINITELY don't think it's cool that we are supposed to get another 3 to 6 inches of snow tonight!

7. Saw the new movie "Just Go With it" on valentines night, laughed so hard my face hurt and this pregnant lady was in danger of wetting herself! Seriously, go see it if you need to laugh really hard. The storyline is a stretch, I mean really - is Jennifer Anniston ever frumpy?! But the laughs are totally worth it!

8. Excited about the potential for some upcoming spring mini - sessions....I am working on the details & spots will be limited. As soon as I can confirm dates and locations, you will all be the first to know!

9. This past week I have sang "Under the Sea" at the top of my lungs while rolling down the windows in order to keep my kids from taking a car totally works!

10. Finally got my hair highlighted and cut for spring, SO MUCH BETTER! If you need a fantastic stylist, head on over to Trilogy and ask for Jen, she's awesome!