Dear Matt,

Dear Matt,

 Seriously how do I thank you for almost 5 years of marriage and 3 wonderful children?!! You are a great, fun-loving dad who tries to make memories with our kids every day.. which I love. Even if you're running in between jobs (which speaks volumes about you already) - you make time for a tickle fight. I love when I hear the kids laughing because you are in the room.

When we first became parents I always noticed that you weren't doing something the same way I would..but I slowly learned that you were doing it your own way & that it was just as good :) Yes, it might mean that our kids think that poundcake is a breakfast food or that it's ok to watch a movie at the dinner table or that popcorn is totally a good snack for 9am on a Saturday! I love that you see our 3 little people and want them to love life. That was something about my dad's character that I treasured and I see it in you. Even just yesterday you let Dean fly a kite for the first time because a couple weeks ago you just wanted "to do something fun for the twins" & ordered them a beautiful kite! These are things that they will not soon forget either.

Here's to you on Father's Day Matt! You are my favorite teammate, partner, and friend!

Love you!