Running Confessions

I do some of my best thinking either in the shower or running....I suspect it's because it's some of the rare moments I am alone to think. I went on my first run in 10 mos yesterday afternoon and I came to a few realizations that I thought might fit into the "confession" category of my life.


1. About one minute into my run I realized that I turn 30 in exactly 7 months! This was the perfect motivation to complete the entire two miles that I set out to's one thing to get old but another entirely to "let yourself go."

2. Running motivation also came yesterday in the form of a nice new adidas running tank top to "hold it all in" - lets just say children and gravity have not been kind! Whatever works girls - if you need to bribe yourself to workout with a cute new workout outfit - do it!

3. I realized that my cardio condition is great, chasing two toddlers, constantly carrying things and running stairs have been good for it. What is not so great is my knees, shins and other bones/joints that are not a fan of all the extra weight I am carrying. I thought of the biggest loser contestants on their first workout and how they must feel....helped me to just keep going.

4. This is probably more of a comment on their standards and not my current appearance but I still got sideways glances from the trashmen, Artesian guy and the Clear Channel dude while running.... or maybe they were just scared of the way my thighs moved as I approached their passing vehicles?

5. Lets just say a little tan goes a LONG way...this definitely applies to the appearance of the aforementioned thighs! Tan helps!

6. When I have quiet moments I get to thinking about my Dad and how towards the end it winded him to even get up and walk across the room or to even try to talk to me on the phone. For those that don't know, he succumbed to lung failure in May due to many years of smoking. As I ran and felt the air push in and our of my healthy lungs I thought of him in better days when he used to be so active. I commit to continuing to run and take care of myself so that my kids won't be standing at my funeral (God willing) at the young age of 29 because I know what that felt like. I know smoking is terribly addictive and a hard life habit to change but if you are addicted please think of the years that you want to spend with your family and let that help you fight it!

7. Even the longest run can be tackled like life's most difficult challenges....simply put one foot in front of the other and pray it through when you need strength!

That's all for now friends but as I continue to get into running again I will probably have some more of these posts..the simple musings that run through my head while putting one foot in front of the other, hoping to drop some pounds, and gain some endurance!