Monday Confessions

Is it really Monday already?! Time to confess then I guess :)

1. I haven't had any running confessions since last week because I did something to my knee on the first run out and need to give it a little recovery time. I have been walking instead and I think that the stroller adds a little resistance...or at least that's what I am telling myself!

2. My hair hasn't seen a blow dryer in weeks! Thank goodness the "natural wavy look" and the front braid are in for the summer!

3. My best quick makeup tips for the summer are tinted moisturizer goes a long way and so does a little mascara! Not that a soul in the world has ever asked me for a makeup tip :)

4. I finished the book The Help, and truly loved it. Of course it's about a sad and difficult time in our nation's history but what I loved about it was the humanity it shared. I loved the bravery of Kathryn Stockett to try to write in the voice of both African Americans and Caucasians in such a challenging historical time. I can't imagine the challenge it would be to stay true to the vernacular but I thoroughly enjoyed it...things like "sweating like an iced tea in August" will stick with you :) Obviously the point of the book stuck with me more though, we are all just people trying to make a life for ourselves and be happy! Can't wait to check out the movie with some girlfriends!

5. I also finished reading Loving the Little Years by Rachel Jankovic. It was simple and yet very convicting about mothering small children. I am sure I will revisit it lots for reminders I need to love my little ones every day!

6. So friends, I have not yet touched the Hunger Games - is it a DO or a DON't?! Tell me if I should join the fun!

7. The twins broke my bathroom scale, aren't they sweet?!...I am attempting weight loss and should really have a scale in the house but for some reason I am dreading the reality of looking at one! I mean who wants to pay for that humiliation?!

8. We had our own family portraits taken this past weekend and I really can't wait to see them. A friend did them for us, Libby Portraits. It has been great to be on this side of the photo shoot and experiencing what my clients experience all the time!

9. Here's a conference I would LOVE to go to...any sugar daddies out there or friends that would even consider doing something like this with me with connections in MI? I would love to hear from all the ladies but especially Amy Wenzel!

10. What's for dinner friends?? I am thinking of turkey burgers and pasta salad...we will see what the twins think of that!

Have a great week and there will be some photo sessions showing up later this week on the bloggity!