The Haines family summer portraits

Gotta' love a warm summer afternoon for a photo shoot! This beautiful family became our friends when they were our neighbors (we were just married and so were they, this was LBK, "life before kids.") Although they have moved, thankfully we have kept in touch and I was super excited to meet them for this session this past weekend. Their sweeties are almost 3 years and 7 months, so we have lots in common!  Both kids were great but Miss Payton especially loved my camera! Get ready for an epic post because I can't contain my excitement for these photos!

For photogs out there that are curious - these were all shot with a Canon 5D Mark II with the 50mm 1.2's seriously like 'butta' when you use it correctly! Don't ever sell yourself short with your gear - it does make a difference! And not to sound uppity but there was absolutely no "eye sharpening" techniques in these images. Sometimes we photogs need these tools to adjust less than perfect images but some people go crazy with it. If your gear and skill can meet up to make a great "in camera" image - that's ideal!  



This is what I mean by a "straight out of camera" image - no retouching. 

Beautiful Family!