Monday Confessions - the Tuesday Edition

Yesterday got away from me with all sorts of family business so I figured I would just confess today!

1. I have banana bread in my oven right now, not because I desire domestic goddess status, but because I had nasty ripe bananas! My kids will be glad for the yummy mid-morning snack though :)

2. I am on a diet and I don't really like to talk about it when I am on a diet because I am not really a nice person when I am hungry. I had small success though, 2 lbs last week, so I will continue slow and steady...hoping to lose 30 lbs by my 30th birthday in Feb.

3. My two-year old daughter woke up today with all sorts of drama and hysterics...right when I thought she was losing her mind, as all mothers of toddlers do, I checked her mouth for new teeth. To my surprise her two-year molars were poking through and no wonder the poor girl was a mess, Tylenol is our friend!

4. My two-year old daughter also owns her own Vera Bradley purses and regularly walks around with them with "treasure" know, like a toy baby bottle for her baby and a plastic cell phone :) Making mama proud!

5. I did some impulse shopping at Marshall's & Home Goods this past weekend, which led to some returns yesterday. I think I was a little too euphoric being out shopping alone with no agenda. One return item was these beautiful Franco Sarto Leather booties from the clearance rack, a little similar to these (Only the ones I bought were beautiful gray leather with cool silver zippers up the back). I mean really....where the heck did I think I was going to get to wear those things?! I am trying not to be a mom that has sacrificed all her style but usually practicality wins over fashion in the mommy world for me.

6. I started reading Hunger Games, and have to say that I am very intrigued. I usually don't do well with science fiction type stories (took me an entire chapter to realize the narrator wasn't a dude - Katniss is a girl my friends) but this one sucks you right and takes you for a ride! Will let you know how I like book one...

7. If you live in my area of DE you have probably heard that Borders Books & Music is going out of business. I have to say I snagged a few deals there over the weekend, both classy and trashy. I got myself a book that's the entire works of Jane Austen that I have admired for some time as the same time I purchased Lauren Conrad's LA Candy novel off the bargain rack. Hey...I can be deep and shallow at the same time right?!

8. I am not a nice person in the middle of the Max but can't wait for him to sleep at least a 6-hour stretch...

9. We took the kids to Toys R Us on Friday night to let them pick out toys with their birthday gift cards. What did we come home with? Dean chose a super cool Buzz Lightyear and constantly says "my Buzz" now. Macy picked her first Barbie! She chose a beach Barbie and Ken with a hot pink Jeep. She called the Ken doll "Dada" yesterday because he has the same crazy shoes as daddy and quite the luscious locks for a doll :)

10. I was disturbed by a commercial for "Kidzbop" which is today's current songs sung by kids for kids. I saw Bruno Mars' "Lazy Song" and got super concerned that kids shouldn't be singing about sticking their hands down their pants, so I curiously checked it out on itunes to investigate. Fortunately our culture hasn't gone to complete junk, they changed a few words...before I am too quick to judge I had to laugh that as I played the version of Lady Gaga's "Born this Way" M & D started busting out their dance moves... other parents, what do you think about this type of thing?! Is it OK to take adult things and make them "for kids?"


Whew! Guess I had a lot to get out there today! I know it's Tuesday but it feels a little like Monday to me, here's to hoping we survive it at our house :) Ta-ta for now friends!