Monday Confessions

1. I am late with Max's photo from Friday...will hopefully get to it today!

2. It certainly comes with the territory but I am dead was a weekend packed full! Went to a wedding, worked on a rental property of my dad's that is going for sale, met with realtor, church, swimming...and all with the 3 kids and Max is still up a couple times a night! I pretty much resemble the grumpy old troll from Dora the Explorer this morning :)

3. Had a dream that we put our dog DOzer up for adoption but whenever people wanted him (& there were lots of people in my dream that did want him, who wouldn't?!)...I had excuses not to give him up. Guess Doz is a secure part of the Troutman clan for now :)

4. I am putting the finishing touches on a wedding album for a client today, love getting to order beautiful albums for people to treasure their memories!

5. I am also working on the Jenny & Tyler blog post from last week's session. If you don't notice the trend..I have been working hard but am a little behind where I would like to be with all this!

6. I scored a fabulous selection of coffee K-Cups for my Keurig last week when I returned those impulse purchases to Marshalls...I know, I know, I didn't need to return stuff only to purchase something else but coffee falls into the necessity category, unlike fabulous leather booties! It's the yummy donut house collection you can find here, complete with flavors like chocolate glazed donut and cinnamon bun. It helps my diet to drink low-cal yumminess like this while dreaming of cinnamon buns and chocolate glazed donuts!

7. I only ran once last week, thank goodness each week is a new beginning :)

8. I have a fun engagement shoot set for this evening if weather cooperates!

9. The hubby has a birthday tomorrow! Where should we take him to dinner?!

10. We have our 5th anniversary in a couple weeks and the traditional 5th anniversary gift is something made of wood...hmm....not sure I will think of anything wood he would like unless I found a rad vintage surf board or something like that. Ideas friends?!