Monday Confessions

1. It's official, I am insane. I accepted an offer to teach Photo 1 at Delaware Tech, class starts today and I cannot wait! I am insane only because I decided to take on another resposibility....but if you know me at all, this is the kind of thing I could giggle and squeal about I am so excited to teach!

2. There are still lots of mini-session spots so grab yours today! Don't miss this opportunity to update those family photos or grab that Christmas card shot for a fraction of the price!

3. I have had two weddings in the last two weekends -both gorgeous events but lots of editing to do! Hopefully will be blogging them soon for your viewing pleasure! One wedding even had a surprise appearance by YOUDee, the awesome blue hen mascot from UD! Go hens! Fun times!

4. Made it through walmart with all 3 kids again today...only lasted about 20 minutes but that's all I needed!

5. Did i tell you all that I totally went through with it? Cut off the hair! I have a "robert" - a long bob....haha get it? If you didn't get it...don't worry, I didn't get the joke right away either but now I can't stop laughing about it! 

Happy Monday! Gotta' go get ready for class!