Monday Confessions and a sneak peek!

First of all, I have gotten a lot of really generous feedback from the session with Jenny & Tyler. That session also drew the most amount of page views I have had since forming this website! I thank you to all of you who are participating in my work via the interwebs (smile).

I do feel like I challenge myself every time I go to a shoot. I think that the work you are seeing is a wonderful collection of love for my work, love for my location (my favorite running trail in a DE Park) and love for the people I am capturing. When all these things come together, the work is a bit more inspired. Jenny wrote me to say, "these are easily the most amazing and beautiful pictures anyone has ever taken of us." What a humbling and wonderful statement to hear because I know that they have worked with many talented people in their day. These are the moments though that keep me pressing forward in a world of "fauxtographers" - I remember who I am, where I came from, and why I do what I do. 

Which leads me to confessions...

1. A "fauxtographer" is someone who thinks a camera makes them a professional photographer...this is definitely not the case. This statement comes from a place of humility, I didn't just arrive here with a camera and think I could make a business. I have been photographing my entire life and do indeed hold a degree from a university in Fine Arts. Does this make me better? Certainly not, but it does mean that my career has been a long journey of learning and hard work. I didn't just pick up a camera, start charging people for sub-par photos, and call myself a professional. 

2. Sorry that last confession was I confess this is something that has really been bothering me if you can't tell. Telling someone that "wow your camera must take nice pictures" is like telling a chef "wow your oven must cook really good food." (I am paraphrasing that quote from someone else).

3. I took my kids to chick fila today to play in the fun yet filthy playplace. When you are a kid you never think of dirt or germs but when you are a mom it's hard to ignore! We had fun though and of course purelled ourselves down before we ate :)

4. I just took a 15 minute break to read on my deck, Mockingjay , the third book in the hunger games trilogy. I am growing a little weary of the series only because it's such a different genre than I usually read but I am ready to know how it all ends!

5. I didn't run once last week and I am such a fail on my diet...good news? Still down a pound from last week. Need to get back on that horse!

Here's a sneak peek at a gorgeous engagement session from the weekend...and yes, I did an engagement session in an old church graveyard. It was too rad of a place to ignore and the early evening light is divine there!