Monday Confessions

1. Little man still doesn't sleep through the night and likes to wake up early...I confess I am tired :) But he's cute! I have been slacking on his pictures, you would think once a week would be easy...not so much.

2. Dean can escape his crib very efficiently now and scared me to death at 5am yesterday when he came running into my room saying "blanket on, blanket on" - he needed me to take him back to bed and you guessed it, put his blanket on! Toddler bed here we come...

3. Gas prices apparently dropped wickedly overnight, don't you know we filled the tank yesterday afternoon?!

4. Macy's princess sneakers went missing last Sunday evening and we searched high and low for them all week. We even thought they might be in the diaper pail trash so we took out the bag...jiggled the bag of stinky diapers in a dark room to see if the light-up princess shoes were in there... we finally found them saturday when it was laundry time in the bottom of OUR hamper! Just glad we found them while they still fit her feet :)

5. The hubs came home with Dunkin' Donuts K-Cups this weekend and I totally looked forward to making one this morning. It didn't dissapoint, YUM!

6. We are in the middle of trying to sell off one of my dad's houses, if you are looking for a cute starter house north of Wilmington in DE, check it out!

7. I made a cute wreath from our drying Hydrangeas, will post pics later!

8. REALLY ready for fall weather to come and stay! SO TIRED of sweat!

9. I am reading one of Lauren Conrad's L.A. Candy Novels, it's a huge departure from the amazing true story of Louis Zamperini that I just finished in Laura Hillenbrands Unbroken. Highly recommend reading Unbroken,  it was an amazing story of WWII. There were parts that were hard to get through but I stuck it out and it was worth it! As for LC's novel...I will let you know how it turns out... I haven't read anything of hers yet. The story so far is about as deep as The Hills, so you know it's actuallly pretty shallow. What was I expecting?! :)

10. I put out some fun fall decorations and the kids love to run around and point out "new pumpkins." I am going to attempt to take the kids to an orchard this morning with a friend, we will see how it goes. I hope I come home with my sanity and all 3 kids!

Have a great week friends! Keep an eye on the blog for more posts of photos later this week..