Monday Confessions

Thank goodness for the Keurig which leads me to confession number 1...

1. I am brewing today's second cup of coffee. The weather is weird, cold, foggy, snowy and it has me feeling a little dreary. I need a warm cup 'o joe to keep me moving because there is much work to produce during this naptime! (Kids are napping, not I, of course). 

2. Is Extreme Makeover Home Edition really over?! I watched the finale a couple Fridays ago and cried my eyes out. It was definitely always good for a cry but I just felt like as a tv show it was actually doing some good! All the rest of the ridiculous, shallow reality tv (of which I admittedly watch sometimes) just isn't enhancing people's lives. I just felt like EMHE not only helped the people of the episode but always encouraged the rest of us to do better. I literally saw a preview last night for things like "america's toughest truckers" and "ragin' cajuns".. oh mercy...but I am sure they still have nothing on the housewives!

3. Anyway, have I ever shared my addiction to chocolate? I hid all the Christmas candy from the kids but the problem is that I know where it is! It calls my name from the cabinet...

4. This chocolate problem and a love for sweets is not helping me drop more pounds! I was contemplating earlier getting reacquainted with my Jillian Michaels DVDs...then I decided to take a shower instead because a shower is insurance that there is no longer a chance for a workout that day. "Ooops already showered, guess I will have to run tomorrow." Is this just me or do others do this?

5. I am over the dreariness of January. It hasn't even been a full month since Christmas yet and it just seems drab and cold, so today I put up the Valentine decorations. I thought the festive colors might cheer up the inside of the house a bit! The house is another issue for me. I am at a crossroads with decorating our new place. There are a few reasons, one major one is that we only plan on living her a couple years so how much work do I want to put into it? Another issue is that my husband and I have totally different taste. He loves everything off Madmen and I am a little more Pottery Barn casual. Then there's the kids, who daily dash my dreams of having a nice, tidy home. I guess I feel like decorating is a bit pointless in our current situation. I have been trying to Pinterest myself into inspiration!

6. Sad that Kodak really did file for bankruptcy. They did a lot for the photographic industry. I have a few of thier vintage items on my desk for inspiration. 

7. I have wanted to take a trip to Hawaii since I saw the Full House family go and chase down the Menehunes in the 1980s. The Menehunes are magically little people, who wouldn't want to find that?! I think I also just really need a vacation :)

8. I saw a few minutes of Extreme Coupon All Stars (like I said, I do ocassionally watch shallow reality tv) and it's seriously half intense commitment and the other half is just crazy. I am glad though that at least the All Stars are giving to charity instead of their stockpile.  I am a girl who loves my coupons, don't get me wrong but I really don't know what to make of it.

9. We are starting to look into preschool for next year for the twins. How can that be?! I know they will be ready, but will I?

10. I had a great maternity shoot in the snow yesterday and on that note, I better get working on it! 

Have a great week friends!