Monday Confessions

Well Monday has rolled around again so it's time to confess!

1. If you haven't heard, the engagement photo session giveaway has been extended a week until Feb 8th! So all you engaged ladies (and fellas) out there get those entries to me! You can scan your 8.5 x 11 page and email it. All the details are here. 

2. Are Seal and Heidi really breaking up? I thought that they were solid. I mean, I know it's shallow to worry about celebrities but you want some of those clutch couples to stick it out as an example to the rest of us that it can work! I am actually even confused as to why it's ending...sad. And in my husband's words "he's an IDIOT." I will leave the subtext to you.... (wink, wink)

3. What cute Valentine crafts or projects are around your house? I am using re-runs from last year and hoping to find some ideas to do with the kiddos this week. As always, there are super cute ideas over at the Idea Room Blog. 

4. This week I am reading both Death Comes to Pemberley by P. D. James and the 17 Day Diet Book. You know my love for all things Jane Austen which is the inspiration for Death Comes to Pemberley and the 17 Day Diet is inspiration for me! Instead of eating healthy, I have literally been on the far opposite of the scale. This has to change! 

5. I know people say to avoide politics and religion in polite conversation but these are things important in our lives, especially in an election year. I am debating (pun intended) on whether to remain an interested, consciencious citizen that watches the debates or if I should play ostrich and stick my head in the sand. I have been watching the debates and trying to keep up but oh my, it can be discouraging. I just keep telling myself though that I am glad to be an American that has the right to make a choice of who represents me!

6. I know I have talked a lot about parenting lately and it's just honestly where I am in my life. It can bring out both the best and the worst in me. We have these moments of love, laughter and pure joy...only to be balanced out by moments of exhaustion, stress, and just plain frustration. I was reminded today though that eventhough we can't see the results right now, the effort for the long run with our children is worth it. 

7. I am fighting a losing battle daily against having a clean house. I have had some grandmother type ladies tell me not to worry about it, but just "enjoy your babies, you will miss them when they're gone." I struggle with that though, I don't function well in a disaster area! I am not perfectionist but just can't handle extreme chaos. Thoughts out there? Are there certain things you make sure to do and others you just let go? And if you have any tricks for keeping tiny handprints off walls, I need to know them!  

8. SO EXCITED, the hubs surprised me and told me that we are doing an overnight to NYC to celebrate my 30th. What should we do or see? What things have you loved during an NYC visit? We have only ever done day trips. I do think a visit to Serendipity for frozen hot chocolate will be a must! (And thanks certainly goes out to my hubby's parents for being willing to keep our 3 kiddos overnight!)

9. Are you a lady local to DE? Does your closet hold any pretty formal dresses from dances or bridesmaids? (Nothing hideous need apply) I know of a fabulous charity that works to collect formal dresses to redistribute them to girls who need them. If you either have something to donate or if you are a teacher who might know some girls who could benefit, check out the Formal Dress Project.  I dropped off some beauties of my own last fall and was happy to know they were getting a second life! 

Have a good week friends!!