I am pretty sure that I understand why confession really is good for the soul! I have a few things to share today...

1.         Mostly motherhood is kicking my butt. It seems like every corner we turn is a new one, in new territory, with no map! I am SO BLESSED to have three great kids, just never anticipated how parenthood would challenge me. I was super humbled by a stranger on Saturday in the grocery store. I had just Dean a long because we are trying to do some things with the kids individually. I had high hopes he would be "my big helper" at the store but it was more like he was "my big heckler" and I was seriously losing patience. Right around the fresh fruit at the end of the trip he was throwing baby carrots and crushing the fresh loaf of bread when I said "Dean you are really driving me crazy." An older man leaned over to me and said, "no he's not mom, no he's not." Well the nerve....I smiled and continued on. I should've gone back around and asked him what he meant by his statement. Like maybe he raised 5 kids who are all grown now and he misses those days. He must have said it for a reason and it stuck with me. I was half irritated but mostly humbled. I was irritated because I am pretty sure he had no idea what my kids put me through on most days, but mostly humbled because I know the treasure I have been given in being Dean's mother.

Motherhood is quite an adventure, especially when you go from no kids to 3 kids in two years. Parenthood is like hopping on a roller coaster and holding on for dear life with no idea where the ride will take you!

2. I got some great Christmas gifts that I am really enjoying, like a fuzzy pink new bathrobe, a great pro hair straightener, a cute Betsey Johnson camera bracelet, a cute new school bag, some awesome boots and more things I am probably forgetting. I also got a Cameo Silhouette machine, which is pretty much amazing but I have yet to take it out of the box. I am sort of afraid that I won't be able to make cool things with it or something. It intimdates me. I need some inspirtation and a few minutes, then I am sure it will rarely get a break :) 

3. Speaking of school, the spring semester starts today. I am excited! I love a fresh start and new students to get to know!

4. Did you hear about my Love is in the Air contest? One lucky couple will get a free engagement session just by submitting their love story. Submissions just need to be one 8.5 x 11 sheet of paper, creativity is up to the couple! Email me when you are ready to send it and I will give you the address (

5. I am dreaming up a spring or summer workshop for all you friends out there who have asked me about one. It will be a lot of photo basics and tips boiled down into a few hours at a great location.  If you would like to learn to take your camera off auto, get better pictures of your kids or even just like to push your creativity, this is for you! Intersted? If you are, shoot me an email because I am gathering a list now of "first to know" about the workshop because space will be limited!