Monday Confessions

What type of morning am I having you ask? I have one sick child that will need to pay a visit to the doctor. I am going on little sleep and less patience. Have already done the breakfast round and two loads of laundry, along with a load in the dishwasher. And really, HOW IS IT OCTOBER already?!

1. I confess I broke out the play pen and trapped my 16 month old. He is into EVERYTHING and a hazzard to himself. I broke down after he tossed everything out of the tupperware cabinet, had attempts at the toilet and went over to the car keys to continually hit the "unlock" button as I heard my van beeping was time for the pack n play!

2. What's wrong with this picture?! Once Max had a special place to play, the twins needed to join! 

3. Whenever we have to deal with the doc's office, I am always tempted to lose patience because it's never quick or easy....but I remind myself to be thankful. We are BLESSED to have access to medical care and insurance. As a mom, I don't have to fret over losing my child to a treatable condition because I have the privilege of going to the doctor!

4. I am not quite reaching domestic goddess status but I will say I had a huge discovery this week. Do you have towels or clothing that is getting a musty smell from storage or a damp space? I experienced this and learned that you just need to wash them in warm water with a cup of baking soda, miraculous! Takes smells away! Try it!

5. We have truly been too busy lately and I hate that. I don't like the feeling of saying no to family and friends for fun things because I have said yes to too many work things. Don't get me wrong, what I get to do for a living is a privelege but it still can take away from my family. This has led me to a hard decision, I will not be doing any family photo shoots this Decemeber. I want to have time to be with not just my kiddos but other extended family and friends. I want to celebrate life a little more with my tribe as 2012 draws to a quick close. Thanks for your understanding in this my friends and clients!

6. Along those same lines, I am committed to making memories with my family as I watch my kids grow all too fast. I also have a nephew that is just about 8 weeks older than Max that we would like to make some more time for. We had a fun family adventure on Saturday along with a few friends to the pumpkin patch! I am a 30 year old woman and never remember wandering out into the pumpkin patch to pick my own pumpkin. We got to do that with our kiddos and nephew on Saturday and it was priceless! What are you all planning to do this fall to make memories? Here's a family snapshot with my fam, my bro and nephew!

 7. Yesterday in church I was challenged by a verse that I think was meant for my current season. "Understand this, my dear brothers and sisters: You must all be quick to listen, slow to speak, and slow to get angry." James 1:19. I could chew on this for days....

Ok friends, I have two kids that stripped naked while writing this post and are now riding around on their hippity hops in the buff! The other child is screaming bloody murder from the play's going to be that kind of day! I would give you a hug if I were with you and say "carry on warrior" - we can do it friends!