Monday Confessions

Hey friends, how you all doing out there? SO sorry to those of you who were severely affected by Hurricane Sandy. We definitely saw lots of rain and high winds but were thankful for minimum storm issues here. I cannot believe we are starting the first full week of November. I think I will blink twice and it will be Thanksgiving!

Here goes this week's confessions....

1. It is a season of thankfulness and today I am thinking about my in-laws who celebrate 30 years of marriage tomorrow. We had a lovely family dinner for them last night and it was fun to celebrate. As any of you married folks know, it's hard work and to have 30 years together is something to be celebrated! Shame on me though, I got the camera out and did not take one picture during our whole dinner! My mom and Stepdad also just celebrated their tenth anniversary a couple weeks ago.  I am thankful for the examples for us to follow to make a marriage long lasting. 

2. I am thankful also for delcious cupcakes! We had cupcakes for last night's dessert from the local Baby Cakes, and oh my they were delish! I had a cookies and cream one with an oreo hidden at the bottom. Who doesn't love that?!

3. About that "not gaining weight during the holidays" strategy, I might need to actually come up with a strategy! I am missing exercise but not really sure how to fit it in right now. Any other moms have good tips?!

4. Tomorrow is election day 2012! I know people are very passionate all over the board, I just encourage you that no matter your beliefs or even if you don't have hope in either candidate, still go vote! Voting is your voice! As I have been reminded before, if you don't vote, you can't complain. I also think of other countries that women still aren't even allowed the privilege of voting :(

5. I have a few things I would like to say about style. Now I know I am not one at all to really be asked for style advice but I would love to share a blog I came across that's perfect for a girl who needs some encouragement in the beauty department. The Small Things Blog has become a new stalking favorite for me! Kate is the author of it and I love her fresh beauty and style. She does everything from hair tutorials to cute outfits with the items currently in stores. I have been loving trying a thing or two she teaches, it's never to late to add some freshness into your clothing or hair style. I know there's lots of tired mamas out there that think it's the last thing she should care about and I get that. I do know though, that as I have made an effort to look more put together, sometimes it fools me into thinking I am more put together :)

6. I also LOVE my Pinterest style board! I literally use it as inspiration to get dressed sometimes. I know, I know, some of you are stylish and daydream about outfits. The rest of us need to be reminded about what looks good together. I like to "pin" things that are cute and actually contain an article or two of clothing I already own so that I can try the looks! 

7. I had a rough parenting day recently (most days lately, honestly) and on a whim bought three different parenting books at once. I will read them and let you know if they're worth the read. The first one I am reading is Super Nanny's book.... don't laugh, she has a lot of wisdom and it sounds smarter in the British colloquialisms. It remains to be seen if I will indeed be a better parent...

8. I am SO GLAD that ABC is bringing back friday night sitcoms. As a kid, I remember BEGGING to get home in time on Friday night to catch Full House and Family Matters. (It also wasn't a world of netflix or DVR so if you missed it, you missed it). I love the show Last Man Standing, it's some great classic comedy with Tim Allen and it's rare sitcom with some conesrvative values. It still has reality as well, like a teenage mother, etc. I am just glad there's something to look forward to when we snuggle on the couch at the end of a long week and we actual agree to watching it together! Here's to wishing for a new "Urkel" for my kids!


9. Since we are talking about TV, what is with the zombie obsession??!!! I just don't get it....I try, I try...but I don't! 

10. We attempted some Christmas card pictures over the's just a cute snapshot my husband caught of the kids while still in their cuteness. 


Hope you all have a great week and stay warm! I hear another storm is heading our way East Coasters...