Monday Confessions!

  1. New York was so much fun! I missed the kids but was so thankful for some fun with hubby. I totally went off my diet, thankyouverymuch and happybirthdaytome. It was evident by the scale when I came home even despite the two entire days of walking :( Oh well, the fun was worth it!

Trip highlights include–

  • Lunch at Serendipity, the peanut butter hot chocolate was literally to die for!
  • Hearing a high school choir sing in St. Patrick’s Cathedral. They even did old favorites like Daniel in the Lion’s Den.
  • A visit to Tiffany’s!
  • Going to see The Vow together in the big Regal on 42nd st
  • Seeing snow over our pretty window view
  • Strolling central park and a carriage ride with the hubs
  • Seeing ice sculpture creations in Central Park
  • The Subway was memorable NOT in a good way! Matt had never been on the NYC subway so I thought it was worth the experience for him because I have done it plenty – lets just say I don’t want to repeat what we saw/smelled!
  • Dylan’s Candy Bar & FAO Schwartz, definitely fun places to take kids in the future!
  • Ellen’s Stardust café is one way to get woken up for breakfast, lots of fun singing. And just so you don’t make the same mistake I did, corn beef hash is NOT what you think it is! Lets just say I had to cover it with my napkin and choke down my eggs instead :) It’s ok, I have a long history of “branching out” at restaurants and regretting it!

We got to do all sorts of fun things and mostly just enjoyed each other’s company! I was spoiled for sure and happy to start off my 30’s in such a fun way! We took this pic in front of the Today show so that I would never forget the date :)

2. Other things you should know about NYC, even if it’s snowing there in February, you cannot purchase a winter hat in a normal store. It’s spring in retail world, so all you can get is string bikinis and shorts! I was trying to find a warm winter hat to no avail unless I wanted to hit up the street corner vendor.

3. I am taking Valentine treats to my class tonight, because between my birthday and Valentines, there are way too many goodies at my house! It’s killing me and the scale!

4. Everyone is saddened by the tragic end to Whitney Houston’s life. I sort of took it for granted that as a child of the 80s, that she pretty much was a part of the soundtrack of my childhood. A sweet memory was learning The Greatest Love for a special 4th grade choir tribute to some lady retiring (hey I was a 4th grader, that’s all I knew..that and the words of course!) My other favorite random memory is in college when I was visitng Venice with study abroad, the boat driver has on The Bodyguard soundtrack for our boat tour. I kept cracking up looking around the the Italian beauty and humming along to I Will Always Love You. I felt like Pavarotti would’ve been a better choice but admittedly it did make me feel at home!

5. Did I mention I want to go at my left over birthday cake with a fork?!! I am holding strong though for now hoping the kids will put a dent in it later.

6. I stink at potty training. Any books people recommend?

7. A big thanks to Matt’s parents to keeping all 3 kiddos so we could get away for the night!!!! Grandparents are the best for lots of reasons, so glad my kids have so many people to love them!

8. What are some Valentines traditions you enjoy? I was watching Charlie Brown Valentine with the kids yesterday; it made me sad that poor Charlie didn’t get a Valentine. I seriously I hope that never happens to other kids!!

9. The Engagement entries are in and the top 3 will be posted tomorrow! You can vote in the comments! Details tomorrow….

10.   Is Kim Zolciak seriously only 33?! I am not buying it. If you don't know who that is, just consider yourself classier than me! (Real Housewives of ATL)

Have a great week friends!