Monday Confessions

It's that time friends, the sun is shining and another week is beginning! I have to say it has been a pleasant morning thus far, it is barely 9am. 

1. We are doing so much better with the potty training. Only had one kiddo with one accident yesterday! We are still doing pull-ups at nap and bed but I am super encouraged that the kids are fairly "trained" two weeks in. I feel weird not going through so many diapers but believe me, my wallet is smiling!

2. Along that same idea, someone should've warned me that I should take stock in bleach wipes while potty training - especially boys! They have been my friend :)

3. I used to call my husbands iphone his mistress because he was totally having an affair with the that I have had one for a few months too...I am totally addicted to my iphone too! It's just too convenient. I actually made the move though last week and deleted facebook from my phone, it has been freeing and I think I will leave it off at least for a while. It was just to easy to be on the phone when I had more important things to pay attention to!

4. I am currently reading a classic that I have never had the pleasure of reading. So far I am enjoying it, it's about the early 20th century in Brooklyn. 


5. I miss my amazon prime subscription and am debating of whether to renew. Free shipping from Amazon was like heaven on everything from books to electronics to diapers! Any of you out there prime members?

6. I watched American Gypsy wedding on TLC last night out of "I just need to sit here for a minute and watch something mindless" at 10pm. I knew not a thing about this particular culture, nor did I know that there is a large population of the Romanichal gypsies living in the U.S. The show of course is over the top but I am intrigued as to how they maintain such an interesting lifestyle of so many seeming contradictions. Anyone else catch this?!

7. My official wedding season kicks off this weekend in Bethany Beach at the Addy Sea with a sweet couple and I can't wait! 

9. We leave for Disney two weeks from today, can't wait but I know there's a lot of ground to cover between now and then!

10. Last day of free iced coffee from Dunkin' Donuts and it happens to coincide with my last class of the spring semester! Looking forward to both later today :)

Have a great week friends!